? Spring Clean (Your Guitar Picking) Lesson #2 – Andy Timmons

Online Beat Generator Software

Beat Generator software is becoming more and more popular with the advances in technology but are they a good platform for budding stars of tomorrow to practice and develop their skills. What should you look for when selecting a beat generator software package?

3 Ways to Get Better at Drumming

After playing for years I find myself getting asked all the time the same questions, “How can I be an awesome drummer” being the main one. The answer is actually quite easy, practice, practice, practice. I am amazed at how many people want to be really good at something and put only a little bit of time in to learning the skill. Learning drums is incredibly easy as long as you have a focus.

What The Heck Is A Music Sequencer? Is That How You Make Beats?

In the music world, a sequencer is the division of bars and measures in a matrix like grid. This grid acts as a place holder and each slot in the grid acts as a trigger or piece of combined triggers that plays sounds when the timeline reaches that part of the sequence.

Important Guitar Tips For Beginners – How To Do It Right From The Get-Go

The more you’ve trained yourself to do it right the first few tries, the easier it will be for you as you progress. You do not want to build a habit that’ll impede your playing later on and that will be hard to break. Learn to do it right from the get-go. Check out these must-know guitar tips…

Piano Beginners – Learn The Basic Chords On The Piano to American Pie by Don Mclean

A great song for beginners to learn on the Piano is American Pie, by Singer and Songwriter Don Mclean. It was released from the American Pie album in 1971, and became a number one hit in the US for four consecutive weeks in 1972. American Pie is renowned as Don McLean’s signature song.

Piano Beginners – Learn The Basic Chords On The Piano To Always by Bon Jovi

A great song for beginners to learn on the piano is Always by Jon Bon Jovi. The piano is the most prominent instrument in this song, and has a beautiful arrangement which accompanies the singing and brings out the best in the song. It features some stunning musical parts including the intro of the song, which then features throughout the song, plus a powerful bridge section, which is all designed and written to play on piano.

Guitar Superstars Review – Let 7 Professional Tutors Guide You!

So many people would love to able to play the guitar! But whether you dream of being on stage to screaming fans, or playing guitar alone in your sitting room, learning any instrument can be difficult, as well as expensive. Guitar SuperStars is a popular online guitar program designed just for guitar players.

Understanding Tempo

As you are getting to know how to read sheet music it truly is important that you fully grasp the simplest way to determine the speed of a piece. The pace of the beat (or pulse) in the music presents the heartbeat of a musical piece.

The Three-Step Guide on How to Teach Piano

It is undeniably true that music is food to everybody’s soul. For some, music isn’t only a food to their soul – it is that thing which brings food to their tables. Teaching to play the piano isn’t as easy as what we see with our eyes so to actually earn a living out of it is yet another challenge.

How to Become Excellent at Guitar

I’m here to explain how to become an expert at playing the guitar. Learn what most people aren’t willing (or aren’t aware) is out there. These are the golden rules of learning and becoming an expert at guitar.

Why Learn How To Play The Piano? Twelve Wonderful Reasons

There are numerous factors why a lot of individuals would like to learn to play the piano. If you’re one of those musically inclined individuals, perhaps your motive is among these dozen reasons. So why postpone your goal to develop into a first-rate piano player? Begin learning now.

Learning Guitar Chords for Beginners

A very important skill you must develop when learning guitar is learning all your chords. There are hundreds of different chords and it can be overwhelming for a beginner. My suggestion is to learn one or maybe two chords at a time in the beginning. For example you could start with a common chord like C major or G major then add a new chord each week.

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