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Learning To Read Tablature For Home Study

As a beginner guitar player there are some fundamental techniques you should learn to accelerate your skills. One is learning to read tablature or “Tab”. This a way of reading music that shows the number of the fret played on each string. There are six lines that represent the six strings of the guitar. What ever number is on that line is the fret you need to finger. The lines are read from bottom to top. The low E string is at the bottom and the high E string is at the top and the rest of the strings are in order as if you were looking at the guitar in your lap.

Online Guitar Lessons – Common Questions Part One

Q: What is an adjustable neck? A: Almost all guitars of any quality come with an adjustable neck. What that consists of is a metal rod in the center of the neck that can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust for bow that can occur in the neck due to string tension.

The Perils of the Classical-Only Music Education

Nothing wrong with playing for your own enjoyment, but this, in my opinion, is not what music is made for! Music making is something to be enjoyed as a group experience, players and listeners alike, and is a very powerful thing! It can give pleasure. It can heal you. It can give Goosebumps! This is the good stuff of life! The simple solution is to learn to improvise a little bit, starting with the Blues scale, and countless styles and musical possibilities open up before you! Written for the violinist, but can be applied to any instrument.

What to Teach a Young Child at Their First Piano Lesson

Preparing for a new student can be an exciting day for the teacher and child. With a first piano lesson comes hopes and dreams, and expectations that the teacher, parent, and child are hoping will be met. Understanding those expectations will help you as you begin your teaching.

Violin Maintenance – Looking After Your Bow

This article will be going through some simple steps to looking after your bow. This advice is not difficult to carry out but in the long-run will make sure you get years of enjoyment from your instrument. It also means you will get the best price when selling it.

Drop D Tuning: Heavy Metal Made Easy

Drop D tuning can be heard in many heavy metal songs, although it’s not exclusive that that genre. Plenty of folk and country guitarists employ Drop D tuning in their songs as well. Drop D allows you to have a deeper sound, since you are tuning your sixth string two semi-tones down.

Why Should We Give Guitar Lessons To Young Kids?

Music is one of the best teachers and trainers for kids. From the pre-natal period, parents are encouraged to expose their babies to classical music to kick start the development of their right and left brain hemisphere.

Teach Yourself Guitar – Secrets for Buying a Good Cheap Acoustic Guitar

By the time you have finished reading this article you will know: 1. Which kind of acoustic guitar is right for you. 2. What to look for when inspecting a guitar. 3. If it will play well, even if you don’t know how to play. 4. When to walk away from a purchase.

Guitar As a Musical Instrument

Since the time guitar was invented, the music world has never been quite the same as it was before. It changed how musicians view and act in the world of music. The development of guitars opened lots of possibilities to performers, inventors, and musician or even for ordinary individuals, since they could express themselves through the language of instruments, especially the guitars.

Simple Guitar Songs for Beginners: What Are Frets? (Not What You Think)

Did you know that the word “fret” has two different meanings on the guitar. One is…

Can Voice Programs Really Improve Your Singing?

Singing is close to everyone’s heart, young ones or not so young ones. Deep inside our veins, runs the passion of being able to sing better. For most of us, it is an instantaneous activity that we do any time we feel like doing it. For instance, we can’t help but sing along whenever we hear a song we want playing on the radio. While having a shower, most of us would sing our lungs out as if we’re on a concert. Everybody wants to sing but not all have been blessed to have a wonderful and in tune voice. While we can all sing, only a few can really deliver a stellar performance. You’d be lucky enough just by being able to hit the right tunes somehow. There could be people who would insist that they have the potential and that they only need to tap into.

Tips That Every Guitar Newbie Needs to Know

I remember when I began to learn guitar about twelve years ago. Of course, I was a teenager back then; I had plenty of time after school. A lot of people these days do not have that privilege. What is the secret then to learn the guitar online?

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