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Useful Hints To Help You Learn Electric Guitar

This article is for anyone who is learning, or wants to learn, to play the guitar. It deals specifically with the topic of how to learn electric guitar.

The Yamaha YAS-23 – It Just Feels Right

Some feel like they were made by someone who wasn’t a player because of the spacing between some of the notes for example, or the height of a particular side key. These are things that affect our speed and playing comfort… just doesn’t feel right.

Learn Lead Guitar Without Paying A Fortune In Music Lessons

So you want to learn lead guitar? You have dreams of being on stage, lit by a thousand lights, watched by ten thousand screaming fans and dwarfed by speakers only slightly larger than the average tower block?

Learn Guitar Songs – It Can Be Really Easy

Music is assuredly one of the finest arts that we’ll ever make. It can be both powerful and soothing, and one of the very few things that can alter a person’s mood greatly. It’s for this reason that so many people find themselves drawn to it, as it can say a lot more than what words can, even in a shorter amount of time.

How To Play Lead Guitar Without Dislocating Your Fingers

For anyone who has set their sights on being able to play lead guitar in a band, the reality can be a little disappointing – at least at first. You find yourself gripping the fret board in a way that makes you wonder if you were actually born with your arms on backwards, but had never noticed before. Is there hope still?

Why Every Musician Has to Learn How to Read Music

Let me ask you a question. Do you read music my friend? If you don’t please stay there!

Learning to Play an Instrument Doesn’t Take Talent

The most discouraging thing one can experience when picking up a new instrument is hearing that they don’t have the talent to succeed. It’s true that some very few people have the ability to pick up and excel at a skill with ease, but for the rest of us things don’t come that easy.

What Are the Basics to Learn the Guitar Online?

Sometimes people complicate things too much in life. I know sometimes I do. But to learn the guitar online does not have to be complicated. First things first, you need a guitar and then you need guitar lessons. That´s how simple this should be.

Learn How To Play Guitar (On Your Own Terms)

Learning how to play the guitar using the guitar success system. This is a step by step guitar course that you can download right away and start putting to use. This course was designed to be used by all guitar player no matter your age or type of music you want to play. Learning how to play the guitar just got a lot easier.

How To Write Lyrics – An Introduction

Are you a lyricist? Do you want to be? Here’s a quick overview of how to get started.

Learn How to Sing Properly

The key to learning how to sing properly is through regular practice. Contrary to popular belief, singing is a skill that you can learn, as long as you have the drive, the motivation, and the patience to work for your goal. During your first two weeks of voice training, you might find the learning process daunting and frustrating.

Easy Ways To Teach Yourself Piano

This article is for anyone who is learning, or wants to learn, to play the piano. It deals specifically with the topic of how to teach yourself piano.

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