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How to Sing With Emotion

Singing has always been seen as the medium to move people. However not all singers have the ability to move and touch people through their craft. There are many singers who have fantastic voices and ranges but no soul and yet many mediocre singers who could bring tears to your eyes. On You tube, you see many versions of the same song. While most would copy the style of the original singer, the ones that stand out are the ones who are willing to be different. And I’m not just talking about adding rap or simply changing the speed but projecting their own experiences into the song and making it their own. Sing with emotion to move your audience.

Discover Why Learning Piano Songs By Ear Gives You More Freedom In Your Piano Playing Style

Learning piano is great fun and you get so much out of playing music. It really does make you feel good. Most musicians play by memory in some form or another.

So You Want to Learn The Saxophone?

The saxophone is a sweet sounding as well as a great looking instrument that is very easy to fall in love with, it just seems to ooze style and class, it’s an instrument that everyone seems to love, and you’ve always wanted learn. Take the first steps toward your dream by reading this article…

Harmonica Practice Ideas

Harmonica Lesson and Instruction. How to Play Harmonica. There are many ways to practice an instrument. The harmonica being such a small instrument will allow you to play and practice in many ways.

Why Learning Piano Online Is A Good Idea If You Have A Busy Life – Learn Piano Around Your Schedule

If you are thinking of learning to play Piano, I would highly recommend doing so. I have played piano from a very young age and it is something that will be with me forever. It’s something that I am completely passionate about, and once you get the piano bug you will be hooked.

The Elegance Of Celtic Harps

The harp is a musical instrument that has a lot of strings wherein the strings of this instrument are in a perpendicularly positioned to its soundboard. There are various types of harps and they also have varying characteristics but they all basically have a neck, strings and a resonator. There is this one called a frame harp that has a pillar, while those that do not have pillars are known as open harps. This musical instrument also comes in different sizes which also varies how it can be played.

What To Expect When You Decide To Learn The Guitar Online

There are two ways to learn the guitar, Online and Offline. Probably 10 or 15 years ago this was not the case. Back then it was necessary to find a teacher or a friend willing to teach how to play guitar or, to join a music academy, which is still a very good alternative to learn the guitar if time and money are not an issue.

Learning Acoustic Guitar With These Simple Tips

Learning acoustic guitar is so easy if you just follow these simple tips. Stop watching others have all the fun. Now you can stop dreaming and start jamming.

Learn How To Play Lead With A Simple Lead Guitar Lesson

Your a guitarist ready to go to the next level, but what you need is a lead guitar lesson. This article will give you some simple tips for you to follow and have you playing leads in a lot less time then you think.

Learning To Play The Guitar – What You Should Find Out About This Instrument

In Learning To Play The Guitar, it is only right to learn the basic regarding the guitar. This will make it simpler to understand everything about the musical instrument. So what on earth do you know about your precious guitar? Are you ready for aspects to consider whenever beginning to play your guitar?

How to Tune a Drum Set

As with most facets of drumming, proper tuning of a drum set is dictated by personal preference which is determined by a few specific issues: music type being played, drum material and thickness, type and style of head and the venue and climate played in. Tuning snare drums is different than bass drums, which is also different from Tom-tom drums. For the purpose of this discussion, we will focus on the tuning of tom-tom drums.

Lessons Of Piano Transposing For Beginners

Here is a simple tip for the beginner pianist who wants to learn to transpose music. This will help you easily memorize your notes, and learn your keys and chords more quickly! Let’s start off with a simple song like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. All you need to do when you are looking at your music, instead of reading it in the key of C, read it like it is written in the key of D. You just visualize the notes in the key of D, i.e., C=D, D=E, E=F#, F=G, G=A, A=B, B=C. Use this example for any key you want to change the song into. Just look at your music and think of what the notes look like in the higher or lower key just above the key it is written in. For example, the song is written in the key of C. I am going to write out the notes for you to show you how easy it is to transpose music.

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