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Playing Guitar Chords With Bass Notes Makes Better Music

Including bass notes in your guitar chords makes for better music and will make you a better guitar player and musician. Three simple techniques are all that it takes to add a solid foundation to the music you make.

Online Guitar Lessons – Know Your Fingerboard

Many beginning guitar players feel lost or overwhelmed when it comes to identifying and moving around on the fingerboard, particularly on the inside 4 strings and above the 5th fret. A regular six-string guitar has the equivalent of 5 middle C’s, where a piano as we all know, has one. It is the nature of the guitar that gives you the ability to play a single note in multiple places, which of course gives the player many options.

Guitar Lessons: What To Look For

This article discusses the different types of guitar lessons available to students. It gives advice on what to look for when thinking about taking lessons.

Guidelines for Practicing a Musical Instrument

Practicing a musical instrument correctly is vital for efficient forward progress. Practicing incorrectly can add years of time to your runway, as well as damaging your body. After teaching thirty thousand hours of one-on-one lessons, here are some fundamental guidelines to apply.

Developing Alternate Picking Skills in Guitar

For guitarists who primarily play with a pick, developing alternate picking skills is crucial for playing with ease and efficiency. When guitarists alternate pick, they simply start picking at the top of the string (down stroke) or at the bottom of the string (up stroke). They will continue alternating these strokes until the phrase is completed.

Beginning Guitar: How to Properly Play With Each Finger on the Fretboard

When starting out on the guitar, it is important to practice correctly. In order to play well, you must focus on mastering the fundamental skills needed to play organically and without any pain in the hands. This makes the great guitarists stand out from the mediocre ones, as they create the illusion that any type of music put in front of them is easy.

Audio Mastering Tutorial

In this audio mastering tutorial we’re going to address the basics of how to master your own audio using basic audio software. Let’s start off this audio mastering tutorial by talking a bit about the kind of file you want to start off with. It goes without saying but the first thing you need to do is ensure that you’re working with the best possible audio quality possible. Take your various tracks and render them into a Wave or AIFF file. Do not work with an MP3 file unless absolutely necessary as you’re already giving up some quality.

How Do You Write a Song?

Songwriting is easier if you have a natural talent for it, but make no mistake that there is no substitute for practice. Near any one of the greatest songwriters of all time all started out somewhere and their first ideas, most of which never get heard or released, are terrible. It takes time to develop as a songwriter and the more you write, the more ideas will come to you. But where do we begin when you’re not getting any ideas. How do you write a song without ANY previous experience?

Learning To Read Music – A Valuable And Rewarding Skill

Learning to read music is an important event in a musicians stage of development. If you are a musician and you have not learned to read music do yourself a favor and start the process as soon as possible. It takes some effort, but the reward of that accomplishment is worth it

Guitar For Beginners – Easy Minor Chords Lesson 2

During our last lesson we learned a great finger exercise for warming up and getting your fingers used to holding down the strings and putting your fingers in the right place. Remember, it’s important to always put your finger as close to the fret as possible without being on top!

The Seven Different Types of Written Music

This article is dedicated to the musicians and singers who handed out written music to their musicians to play, and all of the music came out wrong! If the musicians were good, how could this be? Well, read on and find out!

Secrets of Guitar Tuning

You tune your guitar, play something and it sounds off. Why? So you re-tune, play something and it still sounds off. Why? Or as a listener, maybe you’ve seen a guitarist tune, then begin to play, but sound out of tune? Well, There is more to tuning a guitar then one might think!

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