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Voice Lessons Online – Vocal Warm-Up Tips

Without a doubt, the greatest secret to developing your singing voice and attaining new levels of voice training is also the most simple: vocal-warm ups. Vocal warm ups are essential to developing and improving your voice. There are no shortcuts or magical secrets so I would dissuade you from believing anyone who would say otherwise. The best voices are a result of dedicated practice and rehearsal.

Voice Lessons Online – Importance of Proper Breathing

Breathing is fundamental to a perfected singing technique. Whether you are a new singer or a seasoned vocalist, proper breathing can make monumental differences in vocal tone, quality, strength, and projection. Improper breathing can limit your vocal potential while making simple changes to your current breathing habits can completely transform your voice, give you greater vocal strength, and expand your vocal range.

The Foundation of Western Music Theory: The Circle of Fifths Explained

There cannot be enough stress on the circle of fifths, it is too important for you not to know. Trust me, the large jumbled mass of music theory all makes sense when viewed through this scope.

If A Robot With 19 Fingers Can Play Piano Well, Why Can’t You?

Here is a story that should brighten the cockles of everyone who is learning to play the piano, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or even an advanced piano or keyboard player. And it goes a long way towards confirming any doubts you might have had about whether you can learn to play the piano.

The Diatonic Major Scale: Stepping Beyond Rote Instruction and Unlocking It’s Secrets

Almost all popular music is written using the diatonic major and its relative minors, and most of the exotic scales you will encounter are either related to it as well or derived from it. I’m telling you this because it isn’t enough to simply know the scales (and no fun either) you have to know where they came from. Being able to dissect a scale and knowing how to use a scale are the key components to having freedom in improvising and composing.

The Different Tones in One String

Stringed instruments are incredibly versatile in their ability to produce many different tones and sounds. For example, plucking the strings with your fingers sounds immediately different than plucking them with a plastic pick. Beyond what you vibrate the strings with is how you attack the string, meaning how you strike it. This sometimes referred to as “playing with dynamic”, basically how hard or soft you must strike a string to get a desired tone. Learning how to do this is fairly simple, doing it well takes time, energy and a good ear.

Play Through The Pain – Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs And Slides

Unless you are a well-calloused player, there is nothing easy about learning hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides. It’s the repetitive motion and movement that makes these techniques kill your fingers but the awe they inspire is well worth the pain.

Get Your Child Ready to Learn to Play the Trumpet

For a parent who has never played an instrument, preparing a child for beginner band class can be a scary task. Luckily, learning to pick out an instrument for your child isn’t as hard as you might think.

A Parent’s Guide for Piano Practice

There are two ways to motivate someone to do something. One is externally, meaning they are rewarded or punished outwardly. The second is internally, meaning they have an inner desire to get this accomplished. The best kind is intrinsic motivation, but is there a way for parents to develop that inner desire in their child? The simple answer is, “Yes!” and believe it or not, it starts with external motivation.

Learn Piano New World Style

Music styles change often. Shouldn’t piano lessons also evolve with the times?

Playing the Bass Guitar Effectively

If there is one instrument that is interesting to play, it would be the bass guitar. It is true that learning how to play entails a lot of patience and hard work. Just like in any other aspects, there are some steps that an aspiring player can follow. These steps are not primarily the major steps, but these can help to jumpstart your bass guitar lessons.

7 Easy Steps to Making Beats

This seven step formula is the process of making beats. Beat making is not rocket science. By understanding the basic principles and concepts of music production, you should be able to move through the whole process with ease and simplicity.

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