? 3 Jazz 2-5-1 Guitar Licks You MUST Know with Ted Ludwig – TrueFire

Using an Alternative Guitar Capo to Write New Songs

While retuning your guitar into an open tuning using a guitar capo may give unexpected fresh ideas to inspire songs, it is a singular endeavor. All the chord shapes and interval shapes between strings change when you turn that tuning peg. You are in effect creating a new instrument. The downside to this is that what ever you acquire musically is not translatable to standard tuning or to any other open tuning. You in effect build a body of knowledge on an isolated island.

Learning Drums For Beginners – DVD Courses

Are DVD drum courses a good way for beginners to start learning drums? I think yes. They are a good approach, especially when you’re just starting out.

How To Read Music – Working Out the Length of a Note

When finding out how to read sheet music you will need to have the confidence to figure out the length of a note. Thankfully, it is possible to determine the length of a note by asking 3 questions about a note’s look.

Improve Your Sustain While Singing

You most likely have observed people singing who are able to hold a powerful note for a remarkably long period of time, this technique is named sustain. We will show you an excellent exercise which will help you advance your sustain ability. As you note your results you will view obvious enhancement as you practice.

Learning How To Play Guitar – Mastering The Fundamentals Of Guitar Playing And Chord Reading

Learning how to play guitar notes can be very overwhelming. The main problem with learning how to play guitar is that people normally get ahead of themselves trying to learn difficult tricks like plucking when they should be learning the basics first.

How To Convey Emotions While Singing

Many aspiring singers don’t always realize the difference between singing in front of a live audience and singing in a studio. Where you tend to be more focused on the technique while recording it seems that singing live you convey your emotions much better. Every performance has a different feel to it but every time you have to covey emotions to convince your audience and make them know you have a passion for singing.

Learn How to Play the Piano With These Simple Tips

The piano is a very interesting instrument to play and in fact, it is one of the popular instruments many would want to learn. For sure, you would like to play like your favorite pop idol who plays on the piano, or you would love to play your favorite song on the instrument as well.

What To Consider When Buying a Saxophone

The saxophone is a great instrument for a child to learn to play music on. It is one of the most widely heard solo instruments, and it is very popular in jazz music. It has an extended range, a commanding lower register and a rich middle register. Musicians can perform in large orchestras, marching bands, jazz bands, and wind ensembles.

3 Ways to Choose a Great Guitar Teacher

Finding the right guitar instructor is important for your long term education. There are many great guitar teachers all with an amazing amount of skill, but as new students, or parents of new students, you may not realize the differences between the teachers.

Be The Life And Soul of The Party And Learn the Easy Beginner Piano Chords to Happy Birthday

A great song for beginners to play on the piano is Happy Birthday to you. It’s a very traditional song, and has been around for many years. It dates back to the middle nineteenth century, and is one of the most recognised songs in the English language.

Piano Beginners – What Are The Basic Piano Chords To Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John?

A great song for beginners to learn on the piano is Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John. It was written on Piano, and has a very nice arrangement that is suitable for beginners. It is a fantastic song to learn and to have in your repertoire of songs to play on the piano.

What Kind of Guitar Pick Should I Use?

Choosing the best pick for you is partly a matter of personal preference. But this article will provide some guidelines to help you choose the right one.

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