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Electric Bass – Online Lessons and Tips

Many fine bass players are industrious and generous in providing isolated electric bass parts with close-ups on YouTube and other social video sites. You can’t miss. It is like being spoon-fed by an expert who has done all the hard work for you. With many uploads being added daily, it has never been so easy to learn how to play music with your bass guitar. It’s a gift that the bass community, world-wide can take full advantage of.

Learn How To Strum On A Guitar Fast

Learn guitar fast by getting good sound quality out of the guitar, by having it properly tuned. This means that each string is in tune with another string on the guitar. Also learn how to strum, playing position and hand position.

Learn Guitar: Know the Guitar Fretboard Well

Many people play the guitar with varying levels of skill, but they do not take time to know the guitar fretboard well. To really learn the guitar, you should know the notes on each string at each fret well. Many method books lack systematic instruction about this subject. You will be a better player by avoiding this common deficiency.

Make Beats on Your Computer – How To Start

Most people think it’s nearly impossible to make music on their own. They think they need a big studio and lots of musically educated people… But that’s just not true! So many extremely good producers started from their own home, some didn’t even know anything about notes or how to play an instrument. In reality, when you make music on your computer, most things are automated or you can make adjustments with just a couple clicks. So, before you start, you need the right software. This isn’t an easy choice. For beginners the program should be easy to use, have a cheap price and many features and plugins, if possible.

Beginner Online Guitar Lessons: How Do You Know Which One to Choose?

There are many beginner online guitar lessons available. This article helps you to decide which is best for you.

Learning Keyboard for Beginners – Identifying the Notes on Your Keyboard

If you’ve just purchased your first keyboard, or planning to get one, one of the first steps in learning keyboard is to learn how to identify the note letters ABCDEFG to the keys. Read this article for a complete lesson in doing so.

Guitar With Lessons For Fast Results

Starting the guitar is an exciting time, who knows where it could lead to, fame and glory? Well, it has happened before and it will happen again, the question is, will it be you? It takes dedication, practice, and most of all, more practice!

Guitar Strumming Lessons Revealed

It is an exciting thought, playing your favourite songs just like they sound on the CD, and very achievable if you are willing to put a small amount of time practicing the correct things. An important aspect to getting that right sound is in your strumming hand, there’s no point in holding down chords if the sound you want won’t come out of the guitar, right? Guitar strumming lessons are available in a variety of manners.

Want to Learn to Play the Guitar?

Learn to play the guitar with ease. No hassle and easy instructions. Before you know it you like so many others will be playing like a rockstar.

The Best Guitar Lessons On Video

There are huge benefits of taking guitar lessons on video, you can pause, rewind, slow down, go over a lesson 100 times and it never goes away. Having lessons right in front of you on your computer gives you the opportunity to take your lessons whenever you like, no more going to meet a grumpy guitar teacher in the dark back room of a music store and paying them hundreds of dollars for just a few lessons. The internet has really changed the way people learn instruments, in particular the guitar.

Mastering The Basics Of How To Sing

The article is everything about the tips on how to use a do – it – yourself singing lessons that will help you to have a great voice. In order to find out how to sing properly, you need to practice.

Vocal Strain – How To Eliminate It

In today’s quick article I am going to talk about vocal strain and how you can eliminate it. Vocal strain occurs from improper use of the muscles which control your vocal cords. These muscles are located above and below your cords and they also control your larynx.

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