? Albert King Blues Guitar Lesson with Andy Aledort

Voice Lessons – Learn How to Sing Better

Learning to sing can be very challenging. Problems people encounter include vocal range, pitch, posture, styles of music, major and minor keys, singing in harmony, and projecting emotion. This article gives tips to improve your voice and sing with more strength and confidence.

Some Tips On Buying a Saxophone

There are four main types of saxophone, the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. Find out their differences and which one is suited to you.

Drum Tuning – How To Tune Toms (In-Depth Tutorial)

An in-depth tutorial on how to tune toms. Includes head seating, tuning patterns, desired pitch, and fine tuning. By ear and with a tension watch.

Drum Tuning – How To Tune Snare Drum (In-Depth Tutorial)

Drum tuning tutorial on how to tune the snare drum. Includes head seating, tuning patterns, desired pitch, and fine tuning. By ear and with a tension watch.

7 Ways To Keep Your Voice Hydrated During The Cold Winter Months

For many people, the cool crisp air of the fall and winter is a welcome relief from the hot, humid weather of the summer. For singers however, this isn’t such a welcome change. Learn how to keep your singing voice hydrated and happy, even when the air turns cold and dry!

3 Tips to Help You Get Started With Your Music Promotion

With the number of musicians out there chasing their dreams reaching a record high, the world is inundated with various bands, singer/songwriters, producers and composers; all scrambling to land the next hot record deal or placement. Luckily the internet revolution makes all of this possible.

Current Tips On Writing A Song

For anyone that has ever had the dream of putting a pencil to paper and penning a song, here are a few tips for you. These song writing tips will surely get your creative juices flowing.

Sight Reading Music Vs. Reading Music

How do you define “sight reading”? See both sides of the argument and decide for yourself.

Why Basic Music Theory Is Essential To Any Good Piano Tutorial

There is one field I find that many piano tutorials often tend to leave out – that of music theory. The piano tutorials coming out today are truly lacking in that they simply pick up and start teaching methods of learning piano-specific lessons. This article is in defense of always including music theory lessons in all piano tutorials.

Hip Hop Ghost Writers

Hiring hip hop ghost writers has gained in popularity among hip hop artists who prefer collaboration over isolation. Such ghost writers for hire can create original lyrics, hooks, and instrumental base beat tracks. Hip hop ghost writers can step out of the box and adjust their writing to different mindsets and styles.

3 Quick Ways to Increase Your Head Voice

In this post, I’m going to talk a little about the head voice -what it is, why you must develop it gradually as a singer and some tips you can start using right away to increase your head voice, not minding your gender. A popular misconception about the this is that it is only used or to be used only by female singers.

How To Play Any Song On Guitar

Anyone can play guitar! Radiohead even have a song named just that. And by following this easy process of practicing guitar, it will be fun, and anyone can do it. If you’re struggling to learn guitar, or have always wanted to learn, follow these steps and start playing your favourite songs quickly.

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