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The Purchasing Dilemma

As a private music teacher for over 30 years, I have been asked numerous times, “what type of instrument should I buy?” The following are the pros and cons of each of the types of instruments that one can choose from when beginning piano/keyboard lessons.

So You Want To Learn Guitar, Huh?

In this article, I’m going to discuss what it takes to actually learn how to play the guitar. I’m going to talk about not only the mental aspects but also the discipline required and how you should proceed to learn. Many people say they want to learn how to play the guitar.

Bad Piano Habits You Should Break

Every piano learner (or even professional players) have bad playing habits that keep them from realizing their full potential. If you are an aspiring pianist, take note of the items mentioned in this article and learn.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Practice Time

It is important to understand that no matter what endeavor we take on in life, the only way to get results is through repetition-otherwise known as practice. We have all heard practice makes perfect. The key to success is consistency or regularity. Practice should be done each day, even if it is as little as 15 minutes. It is the little bit each day that will get you results and not several hours one day a week. Daily is the key to results.

What Thirty Years of Teaching Has Taught Me

The following points are written from my personal experiences. Being a music teacher for over 30 years and retail store owner with a staff of ten music teachers for 15 years, I experienced a lot. I speak from the heart and really believe in what I say here.

Frustrated With Your Guitar Playing: Cut Yourself A Break: Part 2

In the last article, we talked about managing your expectations with regards to guitar playing. A quick recap: If you are trying to play songs without taking time to learn some guitar basics, you’re going to be frustrated. This could lead to the early demise of your rock star aspirations (heck, any guitar playing ambition), and we don’t want that happening!

Waiting to Exhale – How To Reduce Excess Tension While Playing

You’re live on stage, at a packed venue and your band starts playing the song that has always been difficult for you to play. Tonight you are extra-determined to nail it, each and every section of the song and you find yourself digging in deeper than normal, with all the focus you can muster.

How to Improve Your Voice: Creating Contrast in a Song

Contrast is about creating different shades of colour with a voice and teaching this is a lot of fun for both the singer and myself as a vocal coach. A good way of teaching this is to have a singer study different styles of music and different vocalists to get a feel for how singers play around with their vocal tone to create nuances, this is also a great way to improve your voice and develop stylistic ways of bringing a song to life.

Frustrated With Your Guitar Playing? Cut Yourself a Break: Part 1

One of the challenges every guitar teacher has is that of students who want to learn more advanced playing techniques before they are truly ready. They get jazzed up and want to play all their favorite songs by their favorite artists. I love the excitement and enthusiasm, but we need to slow down here, Champ.

How to Improve Your Voice: Adapting or Modifying a Cover Song’s Melody

Adapting or modifying the melody of a song is an important aspect of a vocalist making a song his or her own rather than attempting to copy the original note for note. That being said, I believe its good practice for singers to respect the song’s original melody.

What Size Violin, Viola or Cello Instrument Do I Need?

Violins, Violas and Cellos come in fractional sizes allowing children to more easily learn to play. The most common questions which come to mind when obtaining an instrument for your child is what instrument do I get and what size do I need? This article will help you to understand what size instrument you need.

Harmony: Putting Some Meat on the Bones

Getting back to the basic components of music, let’s fatten up the soundscape of a song a bit more. Harmony really starts to flesh out the overall body of a song. In the discussion about melody, I compared it to a diva in that it is the main focal point of a song. It’s the line someone will have bouncing around in their head while they hum the tune.

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