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Guitar Power Chords To Rock With

The ” Power Chord” has been used by almost all of the great rock and blues guitarists in one shape or another. Understanding the elementary theory of the power chord unlocks many of the mysteries of rock music and its related forms.

Guitar Slide Technique

Slides are similar to the hammer – on and pull – offs in that more than one note is sounded, but you strike the string just once. The difference in every note in between the first and the last is that they can be heard and recognized.

Guitar String Bending

Guitar string bending. This is probably one of the most basic guitar techniques ever played, and can be the making or breaking of a hit song or instrumental piece of music if it is played in the right part of a melody. This bending technique is used in almost every genre of popular music.

Guitar Lessons For The Major Scale

Guitar lessons for the major scale. A scale is any consecutive series of notes that form a progression between one note and it’s relative octave. The scale can go either up by an octave or down by an octave. The word scale comes from the Latin scala, meaning “ladder”, and this is exactly what a scale is. It takes you on the ascending, or the descending to an octave.

Guitar Lessons Learning Barre Chords

Guitar lessons, learning barre chords. This article has the sole purpose of explaining what a barre chord is, and how it can enhance the structure of a melody. If you have mastered all the basic chords such as, C, D, G E, F, A, and maybe a few sevenths, and minor chords, then it is time for you to learn how to play barre chords.

Guitar Lessons On Major Key Signatures

Guitar lessons on major key signatures. There are twelve musical keys which can be used to create music. Major keys are the foundation stones that all music is built from. Minor keys are a form of major which are created by playing the major scale off it’s sixth scale degree.

Guitar Lessons – Right Hand String Picking

Guitar lessons right hand picking. It is widely recognized that most rock music is played with a plectrum, which is more commonly known as a pick. Whereas in more moderate tempo music like soft ballads or a classical musical piece the guitarist will use a finger style method of playing.

Basic Guitar Soloing Techniques

There is no question that guitar soloing can be quite exciting. A major key to becoming proficient is to learn the proper techniques. A good way to start this process is with three basic guitar soloing techniques. They are the bend, the hammer-on, and the pull-off.

Guitar Lessons, Play Guitar Now

This article will help guitarists who have just started to learn and would like to know some basic chords, what the finger positions are, and the meaning of root notes. To begin we must understand what a chord is, and how it is structured. A chord is made up from different notes which are combined to form a shape that will make a musical sound. Basic chords are usually made up from three notes, this is why they are called triads. When two or three chords are played in the same key they will make a melodic sound.

Guitar Chord Structure

This article will give a budding guitarist an insight to the theory relating to guitar chord structures. The most basic chord is called a triad, this name comes from the fact that the chord is made up of three separate notes. For example, the A major chord has the A note, a C # sharp, and ends with the E note. These are the three notes that make up the A major chord. Not too difficult to remember.

Advice For Creating Vocals In Your House Track

In a world of genre based music it can be very easy for a track to get lost in a sea of similar sounding compositions. One way to make your track stand out from the crowd is to add a vocal.

Guitar Lessons – Circle Of Fifths

Guitar lessons the circle of fifths. The circle of fifths is a really good way of organizing the twelve major scales into what we call – the key signature. In every major scale there are what is known as root notes. These root notes are what we call the key in which the piece of music is composed in.

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