? Andy McKee Open String Pull Offs Guitar Lesson

How To Protect And Preserve Your Singing Voice

Do you want to have a good singing voice? Then you must know how to protect and preserve your voice.

Fundamental Information for Everyone Who Wants to Master Guitar Scales

Not every guitarist who’s just starting up sees the real value in learning guitar scales. All they want to do is learn a popular tune by Metallica or someone, so they can impress their friends. However, nothing can beat solid education. Find out why guitar scales are the perfect starting point for every guitarist.

Teaching Intervals

Learning intervals, or the distance between two musical pitches, is one of the most important foundations to music theory training. Every child needs to understand the theory behind their musical practice. So why is it SO important to teach them intervals early (among other topics)?

Guitar Mistakes – 3 Mistakes Made By Beginner Guitar Players

There are three mistakes that beginning guitar players make that totally destroys their ability for advancing quickly in the mastery of their instrument. If they can avoid these three mistakes, they will see a big changes in how fast they progress as a guitar player. The three big mistakes are…

Choosing a Good Beatmaker

If you are searching for a good bit of software to make beats with there are a ton of options on the web now.Just type in beatmaker in a search engine and you will get thousands of options.Your going to want to do your research and find the one that best suits you.

How to Get Kids Engaged in Piano Lessons

Many children throughout the world have taken to piano lessons with excitement and wonder, practicing every day and every evening, yet there are still countless children who dread the day that piano lessons roll around. Part of the reason for this lack of interest is in the music selections. Another reason has to do with the music teacher and the jobs, or assignments the student is given on a weekly basis. Piano for kids must include positive reinforcement.

5 Techniques You Must Learn to Play Piano

This, or some variation of this, is what I hear from many students who are just starting out on the piano. If we break it down playing the piano is quite simple. Like many long term goals it is always easier to break down the task into small chunks.

Buying Your Very First Electric Guitar

This article ponders what you should consider when venturing into the world of guitar playing. It covers the basics of what to look for when purchasing your first electric guitar. I cover the main parts of the guitar that contribute to the overall sound and feel of the electric guitar including pickups, neck and the types of wood are are used in the construction of the body of an electric guitar. Once you’ve read this article and visited a few guitar related forums you should be armed with enough vital important to help you make the correct first electric guitar buying decision which should set you up for many years of happy guitar playing. Enjoy!

Improving Your Guitar Playing

Tips and suggestions for guitarists who feel that their playing has remained at the same level for too long, and who want to improve their guitar playing. How to make rapid progress, make better use of your practice time, and achieve your playing ambitions.

Easy Ways to Care for Your Guitar

You’ve picked out your favorite guitar from the shop. You’ve brought it home and given it a name. We all have names for our guitars, right? Now you want to learn how to keep your baby in good condition forever.

Frets Bridges and Hardware – What You Need To Know Before You Learn How To Play Notes On Guitar

If a string is lowered too far, it will start to “buzz out”. This will inhibit the string from vibrating and create a nasty buzzing sound. Do not fool around with the bridge. Learn from a professional how to put on guitar strings so you don’t knock anything out of place.

Learn to Sing Today! Be an X-Factor Finalist

Singing in the shower is one thing, but learning to sing in concert with a group or as a soloist is another. Learning to sing can be expensive and hard work. I would like to help you get those first steps onto the singing platform, the rest is up to you! Discover Your Voice’s True Sound.

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