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Tips in Getting Cheap Acoustic Guitars

Prior to deciding to spend your hard-earned money into a new piece of acoustic guitar equipment, you need to spend an afternoon doing some research. Being able to go through the entire buying process a new guitar, it struck me that people might want to find out what I consider to be the best approach to getting acoustic guitars. Here are some tips buying cheap acoustic guitars.

The Difference Between Acoustic Guitars, Classical and Flamenco Guitars

All guitars are not created equal. There is a difference between steel-stringed Acoustic Guitars and nylon stringed Classical and Flamenco. There is also a difference between Classical Guitar and Flamenco Guitar even though both have nylon strings.

Selecting A Decent Electric Bass Guitar: 3 Handy Guidelines To Help You Put Up Better Decisions

If you can spend 5 minutes reading this article, you will know useful information about picking up your best-suited bass guitar! Don’t throw away your time and money like the majority of people who rush it and go nowhere! Believe me, it’s a lot easier than you thought.

Building a High Performance Instrument on a Tight Budget

So you are a musician, a keyboardist, organist, but your budget doesn’t cover the cost of an instrument that you fell in love with inside your local music dealer. There is an alternative! With the birth of MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) around 25 years ago, the electronic music industry changed dramatically, it meant musical instruments that had MIDI fitted could communicate with other MIDI equipment, sound modules, (sound modules were like synthesizers in a box) and even computers.

Suggestions for Piano Teachers – Guiding Highly Motivated Piano Students

It is evident that students who are infused with a desire to learn, coupled with parental commitment, and insightful guidance will progress at an exceptional rate. However, it is also important to note that despite apparent facility at the outset, problems for high-achieving students can easily be overlooked. Below are a few practice guidelines I share with my students, which I hope fellow teachers and musicians may find useful:

Guiding Piano Students Towards Effective Practice

Practice is an essential part of musical development, and it is important that healthy and efficient practice habits are cultivated from the onset. Cultivation of healthy and effective habits needs to start from a very young age. It is important to cultivate introspection and help students make dynamic judgments during practice. Once students have developed a certain level of musical awareness, it is important to teach them to learn on their own.

Rocket Piano – Why Would a Piano Teacher Endorse Online Piano Lessons?

Rocket Piano is a new piano software that you can download directly to your computer. It comes with 7 lesson books, ranging from beginner to advanced as well as audio and video files that accompany the lesson books to help you hear, learn and comprehend everything the books cover. In addition to the books and audio files, for only $39.

Do You Have The Discipline To Learn Guitar Online?

Learning guitar online is easy. I am learning it myself online right now. What’s hard is to fight your own self and to actually practice every day like you’re supposed to, if you want to be any good. Another obstacle most beginners have to overcome is the desire to move on too fast.

History of the Modern Acoustic and Electric Guitars

One of the most popular modern musical instruments is the Guitar. It makes no difference if you prefer an Acoustic Guitar or an Electric Guitar, they both share the same development. If you can play one, you can play the other. Both the Acoustic and Electric Guitar share the same tuning, string names and chord structure. Here is a brief history of the Guitar.

Affordable Guitar Gear Suggestions for Rock, Punk, Blues, and Metal Guitarists

Suggestions for guitar gear setups suitable for guitarists who play rock, metal, blues, or punk. Each setup is under $500 and represents the best a guitar player could get on a low budget.

How to Buy a Guitar for Cheap

Considering all the information available about guitars on the Internet, it’s surprising how hard it is to find a useful tutorial on finding affordable musical equipment. This article aims to fill that void by offering tips on how to find deals on gear.

The Easiest Way To Make Your Guitar Sound The Best That It Can

A finely crafted guitar is thing of beauty. Most people don’t realize that it is relatively simple to improve the sound of your guitar. How can you improve the sound of your instrument? Here are tips to easily improve the quality of your sound.

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