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Tips on How to Effectively Practice Guitar

Ever complained of how hard it is to practice guitar? Have you tried practicing but seem to not have a productive result? It’s all about the way you handle your practice. Check out this post to figure things out with your guitar practice.

Best Guitar Amplifier for College

Now is the time of year where many students are returning to school. For a guitarist, this means finding an amp that’s suitable for a dorm room situation.

Piano Lesson Digitally Delivered Online

Online Piano Lessons became a reality when I noticed our piano after many years of simply walking past it. Our children had used it and had great fun once they mastered the basics and their teacher was a very nice, if eccentric lady who life seemed to have revolved around playing the piano.

Guitar Lesson – Tips On How To Play The ‘F Chord’

In the process of learning to play the guitar, every beginner will stumble upon this one chord that will test their patience. The chord that I’m referring to is none other than the dreaded ‘F Chord.’ Personally it took me quite a while to learn this chord when I was starting out, just trying to figure out the best way to place my index finger across two strings without muting the 1st string was a long experimental process. Anyway, I have since manage to play this chord with ease so let me offer a few tips that I’m sure will work for you as well.

How Long Should You Practice Guitar Everyday?

You are a beginning guitar student. You have a brand new guitar sitting there just waiting to be played. You have a million other things to do before you can pick up your new baby and strum it, coax the music out of it that you know is there.

Choosing The Right Guitar For A Beginner

All novices can learn to choose or select the best guitar they can own without any confusion. Some difficulties with decisions in buying a decent guitar can be overcome by bringing a friend who is a good qualified guitarist, teacher or maybe someone that knows about guitars.

The Best Way To Learn Blues Guitar – Musical Notation Or Tablature?

In the sixties, Stephan Grossman amongst others produced a kind of musical notation for guitar that was particular to those times. Many of the important blues men were gone by that time, but a noteworthy few were still around, like Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Reverend Gary Davis. It was Grossman’s encounter with the singing reverend that was the spark that started the quest for old style blues picking. Many students in those years yearned to learn and pick the old acoustic blues in the original old style, just like the blues masters. Blues guitar tabs were the foundation of this revival.

Four Effective Ways To Learn Guitar

Be it for the influence of rock music and dreams of becoming a rock superstar or just to fill in those leisurely hours, playing the guitar has become very appealing for many people the world over. The guitar itself is quite an easy instrument to learn but what can be an easy task for some can also be a tedious task for others. Luckily there are various way to learn the guitar and surely you can find one that suites you the best. Listed below are 4 of the most effective ways.

How to Motivate Yourself When Learning to Play Guitar

If you are learning to play guitar, or if you already began to learn guitar chords, chances are that you have felt bored and frustrated; perhaps you have felt that playing the guitar is not for you, you find it more complicated than you thought it would be…

Starting Music As An Adult

If you’re one of millions of people who had music lessons as a child, but now regret giving up because of having to practice, this article should give you hope. There are music teachers who teach adults, and even enjoy doing so! Don’t be ashamed of your lack of expertise. Start learning music again and enjoy it.

Why Learn Music?

Many parents want their children to learn music, but others aren’t sure if it’s worth the investment. Here are some good reasons why giving your children at least some musical education is great thing to do.

How To Practice Guitar In 3 Simple Steps

In 3 steps you can practice guitar properly. Have a good schedule. Make sure your guitar is in tune. Don’t practice too long.

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