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How to Fix Your Guitar String Buzzing

Have you ever had your electric or acoustic guitar strings buzz before? I know I have, but don’t get frustrated. Here are some simple steps to fix your guitar string buzzing problems.

How to Adjust the Action on Your Guitar

You may have heard people at guitar repair shops or other guitarists talk about guitar action, but what is guitar action? In this article, I will explain what guitar action is and show you how to adjust the action on your guitar.

Should Your First Guitar Be An Acoustic Guitar?

I hear it all the time. I don’t know how the rumor got started. I am not sure who the first wife was who shared it with her talkative friends and launched this old wives tale. All I know is that it is a well believed falsehood. It goes something like this: “I need to buy Jimmy his first guitar and I don’t know much about them, but I do know that you are supposed to start out on an acoustic guitar.” This is not true. It is not even close to being true. Worse, it can completely shatter the dreams of any young person who wants to play guitar.

How Much Time Should My Child Be Practicing the Piano Each Week?

You’ve enrolled your child in piano lessons. Fantastic! Now, how can you help them maintain a practice schedule at home that allows them to succeed?

What Is the Best Age to Start Piano Lessons?

As the parent of a young child, you don’t want to miss the perfect opportunity to start your child in music lessons. But how young is too young?

Great Ways to Learn How to Play Guitar

Do you want to learn how to play guitar? It is easy now that you have different methods you can use. Find different instructional materials available online to help you practice your playing skills.

How to Pass Integrity to Future Generations of Musicians

Musicians have been given great gifts that through work and perseverance we share with the world in a multitude of ways from teaching to performing to composing to writing. But without integrity or wholeness of character, our musical gifts will become unusable or at least less fruitful. So what are some important characteristics of integrity? What are some of the characteristics we need to pass on to future generations of musicians? Act like you are being watched; hire integrity and promote those who show an ability to be trusted; and keep on keeping on!

How To Learn The Notes on a Piano or Keyboard in 15 Minutes?

Well it will please you to know that learning the notes on the piano or keyboard is quite easy. They just repeat a simple easy pattern all the way up the keyboard, regardless of what size your piano or keyboard is.

What Songs Sound Good on Piano Or Keyboard Without Needing Other Instruments As Accompaniment?

Many solo artists would be lost without a keyboard because it allows them to programme in drum beats for them to perform along to. It also has connections on the back to enable integration with a PA system when performing at a larger venue.

How Can I Play Piano or Keyboard Songs Without Being Able To Read Music?

Many people learn keyboard by memory and go on to be amazing keyboard players. They do this by listening to a song they are familiar with and then going to their keyboard and working out the melody by ear.

Effectively Learning New Choir Sheet Music

Choir sheet music is necessary for the Choir director, musicians and choristers to aid them in learning a new song. It is advantageous for everyone involved to know how to read music but it is not absolutely necessary for all of the choir members to.

12 Great Reasons Why You Should Learn To Play The Piano

From its riveting presence to its beautiful sound, the piano is just a wonderful instrument. There is nothing quite like the sound of a piano played to perfection. That’s why you should start learning to play piano today!

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