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How To Spin Drumsticks

Showmanship drumming is a great way to entertain an audience and add a little bit extra to your performance. There are many different forms of stick spinning, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Learning how to spin drumsticks properly will not only look great, but will improve your overall control and coordination on the kit itself.

What Every Organist Should Know When Working With a Choir Director?

Many church organists have to deal with choir directors every week. Their duties include interacting with directors, accompanying the choir during rehearsals and services. Even concert organists often play the organ part in choir concerts. Knowing what to expect from the choir conductor might save them much time in preparation and frustration in performance. In this article, I will share with you 4 things that are common for many choir directors and conductors which every organist should be aware of.

Tips for Organists: How to Avoid Lower Back Pain When Playing Pedal Exercises on the Organ?

Many organists who try to perfect their pedal technique play pedal exercises on the organ. However, it is not uncommon for them to feel the pain in the lower back area. Although the reasons for this pain might be several, today I am going to write about the pain which arises from incorrect playing technique. If you feel the pain in your lower back when playing pedal exercises on the organ, read on to find out the possible solution.

How to Start Creating Dubstep Music

In order to start laying down some filthy dubstep music, you’re going to need to get yourself the proper gear. There’s no need to go out and look for top of the line stuff suitable for the production studios of the pros like Skrillex and Flux Pavilion.

Finding the Perfect Guitar Tuner

Training the ear is an important process for a guitarist. The tuner they choose can greatly affect how well they hear and play music. Here are my theories on how this all came about and how we can use the past to improve our future. You can actually improving your hearing when tuning the guitar…

Voice Training Lessons – Four Top Benefits of Voice Training Lessons

When it comes to learning how to improve your singing voice, there is a big misconception among people about wither it can be done, or even if it’s worth doing at all. To many people think that a beautiful singing voice is only the product of random luck, and natural-born talent. The truth is that like anything else a person can improve their singing voice through practice, and dedication. The wide availability of web-based voice lessons makes this easier than ever, and here are some reasons why you should be using them!

Voice Training Lessons Achieve a Clear Strong Voice

Having a clear, strong voice sets the stage for greater vocal range, increased voice projection, strong breath support, and improve vocal pitch and tone. These skills require practice to master and are most often learned through voice training lessons. These skills may be more quickly learned, however when you partner voice training lessons with simple lifestyle alterations.

Timeline of the Guitar

The modern day guitar does not need and elaborate introduction to many of us. The six stringed instrument has a rigid neck and a body to which the strings are strapped. Modern categories include acoustic and electrical guitars, where the acoustic has a hollow body, a self-amplification system while electrical guitars rely on amplifiers that electronically manipulate their tones. But what’s the history of the guitar?

How I Mastered Songwriting and Piano Playing Without A Piano

Back in 1986, my 6th Grade class went on a week long excursion to a facility in an area called Jackson’s Point, Ontario. There were a little over 30 of us young school children, getting ready for the last of many adventurous and educational experiences throughout the year.

How To Play Simple Guitar Songs – Tips to Get You Started

Do you want to impress your friends by knowing how to play simple guitar songs? Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? The good news is that the guitar is one of the most accessible instruments to play. Fairly decent instruments are not expensive and there are many ways for you to learn. The one thing you will need that you can’t buy, is commitment. Let’s explore some ways to get you started. Everyone learns in a different way and different methods will suit different people. The good news is that there has never been so much choice.

How To Write Songs: 5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

This is part of an article series about how to write songs, which I am writing entirely from my own experience as a songwriter. I have taught a number of successful songwriting workshops and am happily pursuing a career as an independent recording artist, performer, and producer. In this article I will share five different techniques that have helped me to shake myself free of writer’s block.

The Leak In The Brain

Understanding this concept is critical in dealing with the frustrations one can encounter while trying to master the guitar, or any instrument or a style of music. If the goals are set high enough, there WILL be moments of discomfort and many people quit as a result. With the right mindset, there is no need to quit, and the frustration will be transformed in awareness.

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