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Caring for Your Clarinet

For almost all things, care should always be considered to lengthen the life span of an object. Musical instruments are some of those things that need proper care to ensure long life and a good sound even after being stored for a long time. For a clarinet, the most frequent cause of damage is due to improper assembly and disassembly.

How to Record Music on Your Computer, Part 2 – Software

In the last article I looked at the basic hardware requirements you’d need to record music on your computer. Here I’ll take a look at what you’ll need in terms of software. This will cover areas like software effects, synthesizers and samplers, but most crucially the software you’ll actually record with, which will effectively act as a recording studio in your computer.

These Techniques Will Spice Up Your Guitar Playing

Here are four simple techniques for playing better guitar. Add style and spice to your guitar playing.

The Six Biggest Reasons People Stop Playing Guitar

Understanding why people stop (give up) playing the guitar will keep you from the same fate. Here are some suggestions to stay on track.

Learn The Jazz Language

When I first started playing in a band as a keyboard player, I was not familiar with the speaking part of the music language, as a musician. Sometimes as musicians, we get introspective and start looking at why we play patterns or chord progressions the way we do. A wonderful comparison between speech language and improvising in music is that everyone learns to speak and have a conversation, as well as write in our given language.

Looking After Your Guitar Lesson

In this guitar lesson we will talk about looking after your guitar. It’s a fact that your guitar will look after you if you look after it. The strings on your guitar will get dirty and rusty over time and require changing frequently. As a beginner you should aim to change your strings every couple of months as dead strings sound dull and uninspiring but can also be damaging to your fingers.

How to Practice the Guitar and How a Guitar Teacher Can Help

The guitar is a musical instrument that can take a lifetime to master. A typical guitar player will set out a goal and when she meets the goal, will have already set out a new goal.

If You Want to Learn, Keep It Fun!

Effective learning is a true challenge, for the tutor and the student. To achieve the all elusive state of ‘flow’, where learning happens without you realizing, you have to keep activities fun. Preferably the more tedious the task, the more fun you need to make it!

Flute Lesson With the Suzuki Method – The Basic Principles and Main Benefits

Find out what the main benefits of learning the flute through the Suzuki Method are for you and your child. Learn about its key principles.

Pitch Variation – A Matter Of Urgency

Scratching is a lot like your emotions. It can be very reserved and almost non expressive, or it can be full of intensity. Imagine if you had an emergency and you had to convey it immediately to the person next to you.

Band Rehearsal Tips – Make The Most Of Your Rehearsal Time

Are you there to work out parts for a new song, or to rehearse a whole set so that it flows perfectly? If the former, you will probably be stopping songs half-way through to make changes and suggestions. If the latter, you may want to ignore small mistakes that can be rectified (forgetting lyrics / missing changes, etc.) and concentrate on the sound of the whole set and how well the songs run into each other.

Combo Generation – Infinite Possibilities

Ideas are being thought of and expressed all over the world at every second of every hour, all day, every day. One idea shared can lead to a multitude of other ideas, which in turn can lead to many more. At times it can seem like there’s no end to new ideas for better or worse.

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