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The Many Advantages of Taking Music Lessons

Enrolling for a music lesson can be fun. Aside from mastering a musical instrument, you will be able to reap a lot of great benefits. Read this article and learn what those advantages are!

For Love of The Guitar – Part 3

The biggest hurdle in learning the guitar for me was switching between chords. This proved to take more time than anything else. I started out switching between the D major and C major chords. Again, I used a metronome and started at a very slow speed. I can’t stress enough how important using a metronome is to beginners (I said this in Part 2 of this series!). I didn’t start using it in the beginning and I had to go back and work on my rhythm (and I am still working on it today!). I eventually moved on to work on switching between every other major and minor chord. Switching to the G major chord was always the most difficult for me because it requires moving your fingers the longest distance.

The Golden Rule of Breathing for Singers

With expanding interest worldwide in yoga, meditation, and martial arts, what I’m about to say should come as no surprise. The single most important factor you can change to improve your voice is how you breathe. Of course, how well you control your breathing is also directly linked to how you use your vocal cords and the other systems of your vocal instrument.

5 Top Reasons To Approach Professionals For Bridal Songs Lessons

Professionals for bridal songs lessons help not just in preparing the respective parities for their performance but in choosing the most appropriate songs as well. Enthusiasts can approach these professionals either for a long term course or, crash course as they deem fit.

How To Create The Perfect Bass In Your Music Productions

Getting the bass right in your tracks is one of the most important elements of music production. This article should provide you with the basic understanding of how to achieve this.

How Do Vocal Interactive Workshops Introduce and/or Supplement Private Singing and Speech Lessons?

Vocal Interactive Workshops. How do they introduce and/or supplement private singing and speech lessons?

Did You Get Your Vitamin M Today?

Vitamin M? Yup. The essence of life, the elixir of joy and emotional well-being. Without it your life would lose its luster and vibrancy. Go for too long without an injection and you’ll feel the Darkness creeping in – yes, the Darkness. What is Vitamin M? Music.

Why Hire a Professional Guitar Instructor

Working with the right guitar instructor can be a big deal for aspiring guitarists. Read these practical pointers to learn what it takes to get the best teacher in your area.

Why Hiring a Guitar Teacher Is a Good Idea

Self-taught musicians usually detest the idea of hiring a guitar instructor. This article will mention several pointers how such a decision can actually be a life-changing experience for you as a guitar player.

For Love Of The Guitar – Part 2

So now that I gave you a background about why I started playing the guitar, I am going to take you through exactly how I learned. I will go through step by step my techniques, struggles, and successes. I know I can relate to the beginner guitar players out there, so I hope I can inspire you “newbies” to keep going.

What You Must Know Before You Record Your Songs

I want to help you decide when you are ready to record your songs and what you must know before you book a session in a recording studio. At some point every singer either wants to or is required to record and there are some common mistakes and misconceptions about the recording process including cost and how to make sure you come out with a great recording.

How You Can Sing Much Better by Taking Control of Your Larynx

Here you will know how to sing better by taking control of your larynx. You will learn what your larynx does and is for. No, this is not a biology corse. It’s mainly focus on integrating the knowledge for you to control your larynx as commonly known as the voice box.

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