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Choosing an Electric Guitar That’s Right for You

All the students I have taught to play guitar have had something unexpected in common: they’ve all bought new guitars within a couple of months of starting lessons. Some students have regretted their choices. I therefore thought it might be useful to write an article offering a little guidance on how to choose a guitar.

The Ideal Beginner Violin Lesson

Violins are best known in classical music and orchestras. This stringed-instrument is regarded as majestic, romantic, and poignant. And because of these properties, violin does not often find itself in the mainstream music. However, today, violinists are becoming a trendy inclusion in some rock bands who want to add some melodrama in their fast and loud music. Some notable violinists which played for rock performances include Sugarcane Harris, Boy Calvin Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band, and Eddie Jobson who played for Curved Air, Roxy Music, and Frank Zappa.

Making It Big With Guitar Lessons

A rock band or any other band wouldn’t be complete without the guitarist. It even happens sometimes that the audience notices the guitar rhythms of a live performance or a recorded song more than the song itself. Famous rock bands flourished not solely off the lyrics and song rhythm but the guitar riffs present in the song. The Beatles wouldn’t be complete without the ingenuity of George Harrison nor would Pink Floyd be rocking fans without Bob Klose in guitars. Some even solo artists like John Mayer and Bruno Mars rise to fame because they can both sing and play the guitar.

Hire a Songwriter

Hire a songwriter to write your next song. Musicians constantly need to write new songs, and even your average Joe can benefit from custom written song lyrics. Whether you need to hire a songwriter because you are in a band, or you want to write a song for your significant other or a friend or relative, songwriting services can help.

How Chords Are Constructed On The Guitar

Why the dots on a chord chart are placed where they are. It’s not just to give you finger pain! Learn how chords are made and how to make your own.

Best Age to Start Private Piano Lessons

Most parents know that 5 years old is a good time for their kids to start piano lessons. But why exactly is 5 a good time to start lessons for most kids? In this article, we take a look at this question from several different angles, mental, physical, and others.

How to Be a Better Rapper

Rapping is exactly the same as working out, the more you work out the stronger you get. This principle is exactly the same for rapping. The more you rap the better you get, its as simple as that.

The Top Things You Should Watch Out For When Choosing A Guitar Instructor

It’s nice to be able to know how to play a musical instrument. It’s especially the case if you’re really musically inclined. It’s also good if you can start young and learn the ropes from the right teacher.

How Much Piano or Music Should I Know Before Improvisation

As a piano teacher, I am frequently asked by students to teach them how to improvise. I am sometimes amazed at how many young students are actually really excited about making up their own songs. Little do they know as they are tinkering away on those random keys, they are already improvising. But how learned in piano should they really be before starting to create their own music?

Beginner Dubstep Production Tips

So it’s 5AM Sunday and you just got home from a raging party where Datsik and Flux Pavilion absolutely smashed the dance floor with their hardcore dubstep beats. You can’t think of anything else except the crazy patterns of monstrous synth sounds repeating themselves inside your now almost mushy brain and you hear music in rhythm in everything around you. You think to yourself, “I can do this!” and the truth of the matter is you can!

The Business of DJing

DJing is no longer a hobby, it’s a business. DJ’s need to learn the fundamentals of business in order to position themselves in the club industry.

How to Read Guitar Sheet Music Easy

Read a guitar sheet music is not something that difficult, but hey! It’s not easy too, you just need some practice, and with practice everything can become easy.

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