? Beginner Rock Guitar Lick Lesson from Chris Buono

Write a Rap

When you want someone to write a rap album, it is important to determine his or her skills, creativity, and talent. Many people claim they can write a rap song but end up producing stale music with no style. Settling with the right option makes it easier for the production house to attain the objective of establishing good music.

Rap Ghostwriters

Rap ghostwriters are responsible for creating rap songs based on the client’s directions. Rap ghostwriters do not own any rights to the song once they have submitted it to the client who is usually a rapper or producer. At the same time, many people hire rap writers because they want to provide a rap song for their son or daughter, friend, or significant other.

What Is the Best Vocal Microphone for You?

As a fully trained female singer, I totally understand how important it is that you find the best and more importantly, the right microphone for your vocal. But to be honest, this can be really hard with so much competition on the market now. There are so many things to take into consideration when choosing and trying to find out if it is the cost of a microphone that matters more or the brand can get very confusing.

Why Some Music Teachers Are Only Filling Up the Gas Tank for Gigs and How Can This Benefit You?

Online music lessons are becoming more and more prevalent from some of the top instructors in the word… Check out the benefits!

Used Musical Gear – Having More Than One Love in Your Life

You already have the musical instrument that you’ve been learning to master your whole life or at least it seems that long and now you hear about the concept of acquiring used musical gear. Why would you, a busy committed musician, want to dabble with another instrument?

Useful Tips On How To Play Electric Guitar As A Beginner

Learning how to play an instrument can be quite a challenging task, but there is nothing impossible if there are already plenty of people that are doing it. First of all, you will need to become familiar with the respective instrument, and then learn the basics, so you have a strong foundation on which to build the knowledge that will be taught to you as time progresses.

Learning Guitar Scales and Modes – Getting From Beginner Level to Advanced

What separates novice guitarists from more advanced ones is the ability off learning guitar scales and modes. The major scale, which is the basis for learning how to play guitar, has seven different modes that you need to learn in order to grow from just a beginner striking a few chords to an advanced guitar player that is able of inventing their own harmonies. Scale patterns must be learned first, as they will allow you afterwards to come up with your own solos and riffs, and play along the fret board, allowing your imagination and creativity to run free.

Advantages Of Online Guitar Lessons

Nowadays, it is quite common to find almost anything you want on the Internet. Even online guitar lessons can be learned using only a computer and an Internet connection. Especially if you are a beginner, you will find these lessons to be easy to learn, since you will not have to subscribe for a course in real life, go to music school when the lessons are taught and so on. There are clear advantages of learning online that cannot be overlooked.

Piano or Guitar: Which One Should You Choose?

Piano and guitar are some of the most popular first instruments, but they’re exceedingly different. In this article, learn some of the pros and cons of taking up either instrument, so you can make an educated decision about which one to choose.

Rap Song Writing

Rap song writing involves skills, ideologies, and musical background knowledge. Many people love listening to rap music and mostly refer to it as hip-hop. However, many like it due to the message and rhyming abilities.

What Rock Scales Are Recommended to Learn First?

Rock is a much appreciated music genre, and guitar sounds are essential for any piece of rock music that has ever been played or invented. Rock has its roots buried deep into the blues, which means that learning how to play the blues will help you a great deal when learning how to play rock music.

Using a Pentatonic Scale Guitar As A Beginner

Many people that want to learn how to play guitar start with a pentatonic scale guitar course. There is a strong reason why so many teachers recommend learning these scales as a novice. While there are other scales to learn, starting with pentatonic scales gives any beginner a taste of what it would be like to actually play guitar. Also, these scales are great to learn, because they enable even novice guitar players to sustain beautiful guitar solos, the kind you see on rock videos or in concerts, sending the crowds into a frenzy.

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