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Learn to Play Guitar in 6 Simple Steps

This article will provide you with a good start in becoming a guitar player. Follow these six simple steps to learning to play the guitar and you will be well on your way to learning to play the guitar.

Surviving Your First Music Festival Gig

When bands make the leap from garage to bar, things get fun. When they make the leap from bar to festival show, things get interesting. This article will provide you with some key things to pay attention to when you are playing your first festival show.

Cheap Drum Set Cymbals That Sound Good

Looking for drum cymbals that don’t sound horrible but don’t cost a fortune? It’s time for you to get familiar with these popular brands!

The Jamorama Online Guitar Course

When one wants to learn the guitar, there are several resources out there that may confuse the purchaser but this is the ultimate tool for one who wants to study guitar on his own. The course itself is an inspiring piece of work in that it enables the participant to proceed at his/her own pace. This is important because different people have different levels of learning speeds.

Easily Learn Guitar Through Guitar Scale Mastery

Guitar is gaining popularity and market in young music lovers. This instrument has laid the foundation of many other musical instruments like lute and kithara. Read ahead for a new way to quickly learn guitar using a simple course plan.

Buying a Guitar Online

Many people ask me, should I buy a guitar online? My answer is usually “it depends.”

Learn How to Play Guitar Online Free

There are lots of free guitar learning resources. Some of these are in the form of books, CDs, DVDs and some resources can be found online.

Guitar Lessons Guide

Learning to play the guitar is difficult. But practice makes perfect.

Things to Consider Before Taking Violin Lessons!

Violin lessons can be exquisitely exciting to look forward to, whether it’s for your child’s development, or for your own personal growth. You’ve seen the performances on television and appreciated a concert or two. Now you’ve got your eye on learning how to play a time-honored musical instrument, or nurturing your child through extra-curricular activities. The question is how do you go about acquiring lessons and choosing a teacher?

The II-V-I Chord Progression

It is true that when you know your chords, they in turn will make a progression. For example, the I, II and V chords of any key are found in a II-V-I chord progression.

Don’t Cut Off Funding For Music Education

The economy has been horrible for the last few years now. With the recent recession along with a high unemployment rate, it has been tough on everyone and the budget right now is going through a record braking deficit. Since times are tight right now, politicians are trying to find ways to save money and cutting out unnecessary spending by getting rid of a number of programs.

What to Do and What Not to Do When Starting to Play Guitar

To learn to play guitar online is a fabulous experience and there are a couple of things to take into account when starting to play guitar, most of the time are simple things, but these simple things can make a huge difference at the beginning and most people take them for granted. It is a fact that many new guitar players quit within the first 3 months because they feel frustrated, and I want to help you to avoid that by giving you important tips on how to start playing guitar.

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