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The Percussive Arts Society – What Is PAS, And What Are The 40 Rudiments?

If you are new to the drums, or have been playing for a little while, then you have probably heard of “The Percussive Arts Society”, and the 40 drum rudiments.This article will introduce the Percussive Arts Society, or PAS as it is known, and discuss the 40 drum rudiments, as described by PAS, and why they are an important part of learning to play the drums.

Guitar Strumming For Beginners – How To Sound Like A Real Guitarist

Guitar strumming appears very basic and one of the most natural parts of playing a guitar, even for beginners. However, as with most things, there are subtle nuances and tricks that make the difference between someone who can play the guitar and a real guitarist. Strumming is one of those things. We’ll cover how to hold a pick, how to move your arm and wrist, strumming patterns, etc. all in an effort to turn you into a real guitarist, not just somebody who owns a guitar. Learn to strum the guitar correctly and you can change the way an entire piece sounds.

Making Note Reading Fun for Students

When a student has tentatively learned sections of, or all of, the note names on the grand staff (and/or ledger lines) it is time to start solidifying and speeding up his note name recognition skills. Each student learns differently so not every method of implementation is best for each student, but there are a variety of ideas which can be used and/or changed up in order to fit each individual student’s needs.

Help! My Child Won’t Practice Music! (Try a Practice Log)

If your child won’t practice their musical instrument, slow down and try a new approach. Before signing up for music lessons with each of my kids, we had a chat about responsibility. I explained that everyone involved has a job in order for it to work. My job as the parent is to pay the teacher and to drive my child to lessons. The teacher’s job is to help my child to learn how to play. The child’s job is to come to the lesson prepared and to practice. What was that last one? PRACTICE!

The Benefits of Hiring a Guitar Tutor

For novices who need to learn to guitar, there are a lot of techniques to learn. There are publications available that offer guides as well as lessons for a person who needs to learn to perform the guitar. The net additionally offers an online lesson for folks that do not have time to go to actual offline tutorial lessons.

Easy Guitar Learning Revealed

Are there easy guitar learning techniques? After searching around the Internet and seeing all the claims of “guitar mastery in no time,” you may be asking yourself if any are true. Well, actually, there are many easy tips, but it can be a challenge to know where to start.

Learn Guitar in 5 Minutes

Would you like to learn guitar in 5 minutes? Are looking for the fasted way to learn guitar? Do you want to learn guitar faster than you thought possible?

Guitar Tabs for Beginners – Get All the Answers

Guitar music is often disseminated in two common formats. The traditional method of guitar notation and the second method is tablature or tab as it is more commonly known. We will be digging into guitar tabs for beginners rather than looking into notation.

So You Want to Learn to Play Guitar

Nowadays, so many people say that they want to play guitar. I have heard so many people say that, but learning to play the guitar takes time, perserverance and patience. There are so many excuses that people give for not sticking with it.

If Guitar Lessons Are Getting Boring, Here Are Some Tips to Help Keep Playing Fun!

When learning to play the guitar, every student needs to practice certain things that may seem a bit tedious. But, it’s important to always balance that by playing and practicing things that are fun for you to work on. Here’s a few tips that can open up the door to having fun with the guitar and working on things you’ll enjoy practicing.

White Noise in Electronic Music

It took a while for me to realise how much that hideous sound which comes out of an un-tuned TV is used in electro. It has many different uses, a few of which I shall list below.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sight Singing

There is a lot of confusion about the topic of sight-singing. This article clears up some of that, and shows how little you really have to know about music to successfully sight read vocal scores.

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