? Boogie Woogie Blues with a “Quick Four”? – Beginner Blues Guitar Lesson

Organ Registration: How to Build Organo Pleno?

Many organ pieces require using the so-called Organo Pleno registration. Such compositions could be large Baroque free works, including preludes and fugues, fantasias, toccatas, and even passacaglias and ciacconas. In this article, I will teach you how to build Organo Pleno registration on your organ.

Basics of Remixing

An article outlining the basics of remix making. Step by step basic to start you making your first remix.

Easy Country Guitar

For truly easy country guitar, a good guide is the best. A guide to playing easy country provides a tried-and-true learning method for guitar that helps novices learn quickly, while saving them a significant amount of money at the same time. Country music, beautiful in its simplicity, is well within reach of beginners.

Kids Guitar Lessons Made Easy

Kids guitar lessons affirm that like learning a language, learning to play guitar is easier for children than for adults. Childhood is a great time to start because children’s minds are like sponges, easily able to absorb.

Guitar Improvisation

Guitar improvisation is behind many aspiring guitarists sharing the same fantasy of taking the spotlight on stage and letting forth a mesmerizing improvised solo. Achieving this is the pinnacle of guitar playing for quite a few guitarists.

Bass Guitar Beginner Lessons

Bass guitar beginner lessons can help aspiring bass players learn how to play the instrument really quickly. In fact, the right bass guitar beginner lessons can have neophytes jamming with others in a matter of weeks.

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Jazz guitar lessons are a helpful way to learn how to play jazz on a guitar, and once a musician can play jazz, he or she can play almost any other style of music with ease. Despite its more common association with music genres like blues, rock, and country, the guitar is actually a wonderful instrument for playing jazz music.

Six Ways to Develop Musical Awareness in Your Child

We are living in an amazing time, technologically speaking. If once we had to go to musical libraries or buy a vinyl album to listen to any song or classical work, the digital media of these days has offered us countless accessible possibilities of exposure. Push a button and you have an endless line of songs, classical works, different versions and information.

Organ Practice: Go Wide or Go Deep?

Many people ask me about whether it is better to practice many pieces at the same time or just one or few for best results. In other words, is it better to go wide or to go deep in organ practice? In this article, I’ll give you my thoughts about this topic.

Organ Playing: How to Control Your Nerves Before and During the Recital?

If you attended some organ recitals where organists would talk about the music between the pieces, you might wonder how he or she is able to do all that? For most people performance anxiety is so strong that any kind of distraction, like interacting with the audience and even changing registration is a big deal. If you would like to achieve this level when you could freely communicate with people without any sense of fear or being nervous, I have some tips you can use.

Organ Improvisation: How to Improvise Preludes in the Style of Bach in 9 Easy Steps?

Do you want to know how to learn to improvise preludes in the style of Bach? Basically there are only 9 easy steps in learning to improvise such preludes and if you master one step each day, you can achieve this goal in just 9 days.

Music Theory for Organists: What Is Transposition and How to Apply It in Organ Practice?

Transposing organ pieces to different keys is a wonderful way to get thoroughly familiar with the music. By transposing, you are making composition of other composers your own because you are internalizing the musical language of that piece. If you are wondering what transposition is, and how to apply it to your organ practice, read this article.

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