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Fighting Performance Anxiety

Okay… You’ve been playing for a while now and have been practicing diligently. You think it might be time to take your skills “out on the road” and give a live performance for your first audience. But, you have big-time stage fright. You know–the knees knocking, sweaty palms, nausea-inducing kind. Forget it, you tell yourself; I’m just not destined to be a live performer. But, what has all that practicing and studying been for if not to show off your newly-acquired playing skills?

Melody: The Main Focus

In the last article, we talked about the common ingredients that make up music (remember cake?). This week we’ll dig into the diva of the three: Melody. Now before we go any further, let me be clear. In calling melody a ‘diva,’ I don’t want to give any impression that melody is more important than rhythm or harmony. All three components are equally important when creating music. But melody is typically the focal point of a song. True, if there are lyrics the words are important, but it’s the melody that sticks in our mind. It is melody we find ourselves humming. When music is recorded, it is the job of the mix engineer to accentuate the most important part of the song – the vocals, which consequently utilize the melody.

Music Is Like Cake

So in the last article we talked about the three components that make up music: melody, harmony and rhythm. Melody takes care of the tune you’re likely to hum when a song is on your mind. Harmony addresses the chords that accompany the melody, and rhythm is the timing and beat you find yourself tapping your foot to when you hear a song (sometimes even one you don’t like!).

The Basic Ingredients Of Music

I’m currently teaching a four-week class at my local community center. The idea is to provide a foundation in guitar that can help people start to play while also teaching them some basics about music in general. I haven’t done a class like this before, so it’s hard to know exactly what I will cover, but I have taken the time to build out an outline to keep myself on some sort of track.

What Is the Difference Between Just Playing Music and Feeling the Music That You’re Playing?

This past week I asked one of my best students to give me a question that he would like answered in my blog. A) It helps me to know if there is anything we need to go over, so as to better help him, and B) I get an opportunity to help anyone else with the same or similar issue. Not a bad pay off really. So Jimmy wanted to know: What Is the Difference Between Just Playing Music and Feeling the Music That You’re Playing?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Music Lessons

Have a true desire and mindset that you really want music lessons. Enrolling in music lessons should not be a spur of the moment decision. There will need to be some…

String Instrument Maintenance

Now that you’ve obtained a string instrument what do you need to do keep it in good condition? This article gives you the do’s and don’ts of instrument care.

Guitar Frustration!

Are you on the verge of quitting the guitar because you’re getting frustrated with it? I had a student the other day that I believe was on the verge of quitting the guitar. I’ve been teaching him for some while now, but without much success.

Know Your ABC’s – A Tip For Musicians

An important tip about the musical alphabet that will save you time and give you one less thing to worry about! Get ready to learn your ABC’s!

5 Things You Can Do With a Compressor

One of the most used tools in mixing – along with EQ is the humble compressor be it the real thing or a plugin in your DAW. It can be used to achieve a whole host of end results here are a few.

Getting Consistent Mixes

You’ve done what you thought was a great mix and left the session thinking it sounded great. A couple of days later you come back to it and hit the play button and it sounds terrible – why would that happen?? Here are some ideas to help you get around these problems and get consistent mixes you’re happy with.

Learning To Play The Piano With Rocket Piano

Are you intending to learn playing the piano but don’t know hot how start? Or do you already know the means of playing the piano but can’t advance from the level you are in? Do you want to know how to play the piano like the professionals? All this can be achieved with the help of the Rocket Piano.

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