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Guitar Maintenance Basics

Guitar maintenance basics. This guide will keep you going strong!

Keep the Old Style DJ – Mix in the New Style DJ

Everything is going digital these days and lots of industries have changed their product range and some haven’t. The companies that have not changed their product range have either gone bust, or carried on doing what they do because they’re in a niche market. DJ equipment is defiantly unique and niche and there isn’t much competition between the big players.

Ortofon Moving Magnet Phono Cartridges

As probably the world’s longest established maker of record player cartridges and associated equipment, Ortofon has forged a superb reputation. Engaged in manufacturing and precision engineering since 1918, the company is renowned among both amateur audio enthusiasts and professional users. Rightly famed for their ranges of extremely high quality moving coil cartridges, the company’s moving magnet designs garner less press attention, however, they are equally as important – both to Ortofon and their users.

Getting to Know Your Guitar’s Parts

An essential step to learning to play guitar is learning your guitar’s parts. This brief article describes the 7 main parts of every guitar.

Teach Yourself Piano – How To Learn in Your Own Time

This article discusses ways to teach yourself piano instead of paying for expensive lessons. It looks at the various methods of going about this and would be of interest to anyone who is either learning, or thinking about learning, to play the piano, but doesn’t want to take private lessons.

Practice Should Look Like Your Dinner Plate

Practice sessions should look like a delicious home-cooked meal. There are many steps to cooking, and they parallel the ideal practice session. Feeling hungry yet? Jump right in!

Get Your Side Sorted!

The idea behind Mid and Side is really that Mid is the mono source of the signal and the stereo component is the Side. If you want to have a purely mono source then just select the Mid and kill the Side. At a very high level that’s pretty much it.

How to Create The Perfect Wedding Music Play List

The all important wedding reception really is set apart from the rest of the day in the sense that you and your guests have the opportunity to let their hair done, relax, be less formal and party! Most weddings will use either a band or DJ hire and mobile disco and both these services can take requests, or you can submit a play-list to them prior to the day. Some bands will not be flexible in what they play as most will have a certain style or song list that they know and perform every time.

4 Key Suggestions for Making Cool Music

Making your own music can be a fun as well as a good learning exercise. With the help music maker software, one can easily make delicate tones and songs. The following article will help you make music with the software.

Wedding DJ Hire

If you’re new to the wedding dj hire business this article should help you out with the all important first dance. This moment is the most iconic part of the wedding reception and within the top three from the entire day, so there is absolutely no room for error! And of course there is a method that should be used every time you introduce a newly married couple to the dance floor.

Mixing in Mono – It’s Not All Bad

I hear what you’re thinking – you’re thinking ‘why should I mix in mono? – what’s the point? – in this day and age that just seems so backwards’. I thought the same when someone suggested it to me so let me just take five minutes of your time and just read this and see what you think afterwards. The idea of mixing in mono for me is similar to mixing on small little speakers (some people call them grot boxes), in the sense that rather than it sounding great on big speakers it sounds rubbish – you’re limiting your choices and if you can get it sounding great in mono then it’s going to sound great in stereo. When in mono, the track just sounds flat and coming at you from the speaker. You can’t hear the song in all its ‘fantastic-nous’. It makes the track sound less desirable but making this part of your mix process will help you for lots of reasons.

Five Easy Metronome Tips to Make Your Timing Rock-Solid

Practicing with a metronome might seem like a frustrating activity at first, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With some practical tips and a little time, your frustration will disappear, and you’ll find that your your natural sense of timing improves tremendously.

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