? Chris Buono’s 30 Beginner Rock Licks – Intro – Guitar Lessons

Drumming Practice Techniques

Practice methods for drummers to increase accuracy and power. Advantages of applying ambidexterity to drumming and improving fluidity.

Study These Cool Techniques Of Chet Atkins’ Style And Give Your Acoustic Playing A Makeover!

Studying the styles of other guitar players is a great way to not only fuel your desire and creativity on the instrument, but to also massively improve your own playing skills. In today’s article we are going to have a close look at some of the key aspects of the playing style of Chet Atkins. We will look at Chet’s approach to fingerpicking, as well as harmonies, and how you can get these cool techniques into your own everyday playing.

Why Learning How to Sing Should First Start With Singing Lessons Online

Online singing lessons are today’s response to traditional singing methods with the added value of bringing the advantages of new technology to those who start singing. They are a great way to discover the best singing methods easily, at your finger tips and without spending thousands of dollars.

The Singer’s Fountain of Youth: The Zhorella Method

Ask Maria Zhorella what about her teaching differs from that of other vocal trainers and she is quick to answer, “Nothing. Many good teachers teach the same things.” While watching her in action, however, it becomes clear that she is referring to the principles of good singing. What she has neglected to mention is her uncanny ability, with a few deft strokes, to bring those principles alive for those with whom she works.

5 Tips for Music Teachers to Get More Students Online

Are you a free-lance music teacher and wondering how you can get more students online to learn piano lessons, violin lessons, cello lessons etc? Below are 5 tips on how you can reach out and attract more students to join you!

Learning to Learn to Play Jazz Music – Part One, The Mental Journey

This first article of a series related to the topic of learning to learn to play jazz guitar. The article explores some of the lesser known mental aspects of jazz music you may not have thought about together with some of the practical actions I took when I was preparing to learn to play jazz music. Here are a number of my ideas and tips for you to think about.

Learn How To Create Awesome Sounding Solos On Your Acoustic Guitar Using Chords

Do you struggle to sound good when soloing on your acoustic guitar? A great solo needs more than just notes. It needs a set of tools to make these notes sound great. Chords are, believe it or not, one such tool. Read this article to learn exactly how to make your acoustic guitar solos sound great through the use of chords.

How You Can Make Your Child’s Piano Learning Experience More Interesting and Meaningful

As much as you like your child to develop a passion for playing the piano, how can you as a parent motivate your child? This article discusses some ways to help you make your child’s piano learning experience more interesting and meaningful.

What Piano Learning Software Is Best for Kids?

We know how expensive piano lessons can be so you’re also probably looking at some alternatives, such as piano teaching software. There are a lot of options out there but what piano lesson software is best for kids to get them started on a new musical adventure?

Discover How You Can Start Harmonizing Chord Melodies on Guitar

This is a guitar lesson that will teach the very basics of chord melodies. You will learn how simple it really is to make your own arrangements.

5 Ways to Improve Your Mix

Before you jump into the mix make sure you edit every track. Solo each track and listen for pops, humming, background noise etc. If you have recorded any vocals or live instruments delete or mute space where the sound is not used in the arrangement. When compression is added to the mix all background noises, headphone bleed, and click tracks will potentially become more noticeable. To be safe, edit and delete any extra tracks not being used.

End Your Frustration And Reignite Your Creativity With These 3 Cool Ways To Play Acoustic Guitar

Have you hit a wall with your guitar playing not knowing where to go next to continue improving and developing your playing skills? Or are you looking for some inspiration with new, cool, and unique ways to approach your guitar playing? This article will help you by presenting 3 creative ways to play your acoustic guitar. You will also learn how to get these techniques/approaches into your everyday playing so you can actually use them in your own music.

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