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Learning To Play The Guitar Is Worth The Effort

With a time commitment, persistence, and a little direction you can learn to play songs on the guitar in no time at all. Playing the guitar is a skill anyone can learn with dedication and patience.

Find a Lead Guitar Lesson on the Internet

Gone are the days when you have to invest in guitar lessons by hiring a professional to teach you. You no longer have to even leave the comfort of your own home in order to get a lead guitar lesson.

Practice Smart – Ten Tips For A More Productive Music Practice Session

Most people don’t like to practice. I am a firm believer in regular practice and my students know it. But, sometimes I want them to know that I am on their side and I suggest things that can make practice more effective in less time. In this article, I will list 10 tips for making your practice more effective in less time.

Learn To Play The Violin: Why Violin Lessons Benefit Your Children

It is a proven fact that music stimulates the brain, and that a baby or child who is exposed to classical music responds and interacts well. It is never too early to expose your child to classical music education. In fact, many expecting mothers give their unborn babies a headstart in life by listening to classical music before their baby is born. One way of giving your child the extra edge in life is to let your child take violin lessons to learn to play the violin.

The DeGENNARO Generation

Jim Caruso’s Broadway at Birdland series has brought back singer/songwriter Patrick DeGennaro for a gig on Jan. 19. DeGennaro, who has had two sold-out shows at the venue, won a lot of fans – and a MAC Award for Outstanding Male Vocalist – with his debut show The Bacharach Songbook, and his own work has been nominated for 2008 MAC Song of the Year. The Bronx-born, Long Island-raised DeGennaro is proud to be compared to fellow Islander, Billy Joel, but that is only the beginning of the stylistic trail he hopes to blaze.

Learn Music Online – 5 Tips That Can Be of Big Help in Learning Music Online

With the advent of the internet, you can actually learn music online on your own and at the comforts of home. You can also learn fast and you can save a lot from paying a personal tutor which can be a little expensive as well.

Casio LK-100 – Will This Keyboard Really Help You Learn To Play?

Are you wondering if the Casio LK-100 will really help you learn to play the keyboard? Are you just starting out and hoping that you will be able to learn to play and not end up wasting your time or money? This article will give you some information about the Casio 3-step lesson system, and aspects that make if fun and exciting.

Learning Notes For A Violin

Notes for a violin can be difficult for beginners to master since there are no frets to guide your finger placement. We’ll go over standard hand positioning and some tips and tricks for learning proper finger technique. You’re going to need a tuner (or piano/keyboard), some thin strips of tape or adhesive dots, and a bit of patience. Lets get started.

Finding The Right Guitar Instructions to Keep You Motivated

So you’ve recently been browsing and checking out some guitar instructions due to the fact that you’ve decided to figure out the right way to play guitar. Be careful while you are looking online for information. There are plenty of free videos and tutorials.

Classical Violin Music For Beginners

Classical music dates back to the Baroque era (1600 to 1750) that followed the Renaissance and was subsequently followed by what is known as the classical era. Baroque composers included Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Monteverdi, and many others you’ve no doubt heard of. It was during this period that music and instrumental performance expanded in both scope and complexity and opera was established as a new musical genre. The violin has the unique ability to convey emotion and is said to produce notes closest to the human voice in tonality.

Become a Rock Songwriter

You want to become a rock songwriter? Then quit procrastinating and tell yourself that you are able to achieve your desire. I want to challenge you to give yourself a month’s time, and I’ll present you the blueprint for songwriting success.

How to Write Rock Songs

How can you learn how to write rock songs that will get stuck in your listeners mind for so long? To be able to scribble great lyrics, you must understand language really well. You need to be able to play with words and be able to convey something that the listener can relate with.

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