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Saxophone For Beginners: A Little Guide Book On How To Learn To Play Saxophone Quick!

So, you’re new to the colorful world of music? And you’ve decided to choose the saxophone as your friend? That’s awesome, because saxes are great instruments to begin with.

How To Get The Best Software For Beat Making For You

I can understand the want to get into making your own beats. It’s a really enjoyable and satisfying hobby and just maybe can be a little bit more than simply a hobby. The feeling you obtain as soon as you at last hear your hard work, which you’ve been weaving together for the previous month, come to life is almost indescribable. Now many newcomers to beat making are probable all hyped up and eager to put together their first master piece, but one of the major problems beginners are faced with is “what is the best software for beat making”. Know with all the numerous types of beat making equipment out there, which all allege to be the best, how can a beginner really know what is the best for them?

Learn How To Play A Piano Like A Rock Star

Most would agree that with the magical sound the piano makes, even a beginner can impress the in-laws, or whoever it is you might want to impress. Of course that assumes you know what notes you are playing. Although not all musicians can be the next Billy Joel, even a newbie can make beautiful music with the right instruction.

Teaching Piano – Do Old School Piano Lessons Still Work?

Playing the piano is a skill that takes time to develop. But don’t believe other’s if you’re told you can’t do it. Here are some ideas on how to save some dough while learning to play piano.

2 Quick Ways to Create Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented and Seventh Chords

If you are just beginning to learn to play a musical instrument or if you are a seasoned professional who just needs a brush up on chord building, you will benefit from this article. Use the major chord as the foundation and learn how to modify one or two notes within the major chord by a simple half step and you can create 60 chords on your own quickly and easily.

Archtop Guitars: A Brief History of Archtops

The archtop guitar dates back to the 19th Century when Orville Gibson, believing unstressed wood had superior vibration characteristics, carved the guitar’s sides and tops from blocks of wood. In 1902, Gibson formed the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Company, having applied four years prior for a mandolin patent that would enhance the instrument’s power and quality of tone.

Guitar Teacher’s Job Description

So you want to be a guitar teacher? Have you ever wondered exactly what a guitar teacher is supposed to do? Hint: It’s more than just teaching lessons! This article will share some things about being a guitar teacher that you may not have ever thought about before, and will explain what teaching guitar really means, both for you and for your students.

5 Easy Steps To Starting Your Own Business Teaching Guitar

Starting your own successful business teaching guitar is easier than you think. You can actually get started for very little money and see great results if you follow these five simple steps.

Do You Need a Music Degree To Be a Guitar Teacher?

One of the common questions I hear from people who are considering teaching guitar lessons is “Can I teach guitar if I don’t have a music degree?” The short answer is YES YOU CAN! This article will explain why many aspiring teachers get hung up on the whole “degree” thing and why it really is irrelevant.

Techniques for the Advanced Acoustic Guitar Player

Learning all the notes and all the chords is one thing. But there are certain techniques and tricks many people desire to do on the acoustic guitar. Some are basic, and some are far more difficult.

Things You Should Discuss With Your Guitar Instructor

Many people taking guitar lessons feel they are at the whim of their instructor. But it is important to remember you are paying them, so if there is something you want to learn, do not be afraid to bring it up in your next lesson.

Getting to Know Your Guitar

Nothing comes close to having a good acoustic guitar teacher when first learning. But here are a few tips for the beginner without an instructor.

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