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Piano Teaching Tips For Highly Motivated Music Teachers

Are you a music teacher who intends to improve himself and gain professional growth? Well, read on as this blog aims to cite and identify some relevant and effective piano teaching tips – applicable to all music teachers out there.

Pop Music – The Singing Lessons Niche

You may want to concentrate on pop music. Singing lessons are available for every genre. However, all singers no matter what genre they sing all have to go through the same basic singing lessons in order to build a strong foundation. All singers have to know how to warmup.

Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons – How to Turn Scales Into Music Using Linear Scales

If could be accurately stated that the guitar is a very easy instrument to learn to play; badly, quickly! With all the fix-it-in-five minutes methods available today there’s bound to be problems ahead.

Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons – How to Turn Scales Into Music Using Linear Sequencing

94% of guitar players play lifeless, predictable solos that sound like scales … do you know how to create interesting solos using scales? You will when you read and use this article.

Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons – How to Turn Scales Into Music by Using Sequencing

Do you know how make the transition from robot style, brain dead scale practice to creating interesting solos in less time than you ever thought possible? You will when you read and use this article.

Easy Online Guitar Lessons – How to Turn Scales Into Music by Using the Three Note Per String Scale

Guitar players are often faced with a crippling problem that can bring their progress to a grinding halt. It’s not a physical problem it’s a dreaded case of scale overload. Guitarists of all levels of proficiency can suffer from this problem and often lament … “all my solos sound like scales” or “all my solos sound the same”.

Practical Sheet Music – Music Teachers Resources

Are you a music teacher who has been dedicated and committed into passionate yet effective teaching to future music specialists? Do you have such passion and heart for teaching music to all learners as well as the beginners? If yes, you certainly have to be informed and updated with the latest music teachers’ resources, trends and techniques.

5 Tips to Picking a Musical Instrument to Learn

Would you like to play a musical instrument? Here are a few tips to help to pick one that works for you!

Buy Used Guitars and Save Your Money For Music Lessons

Used guitars are much like used cars in that they can provide a great value to the savvy shopper. The next time that you are shopping for a new guitar, consider a used guitar instead.

Lessons From Musical Icon Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was the epitome of a musical icon. He earned his iconic status through consistently being original, innovative, generous and resilient. Though Michael Jackson is now gone, everyone, especially business owners and leaders, can learn from his unforgettable style.

Taking Violin Music Lessons When You Are Pregnant

As your pregnancy advances, you will find it harder to keep up with your usual activities. At the same time, you may not feel happy about spending your days knitting, sewing, or doing crossword puzzles. If you are looking for a low stress activity that will keep you occupied, violin music lessons may be the perfect answer.

Dobro Lessons – Music Theory + Playing by Ear = Super Musician!

This is an article describing the benefits and alternatives to learning music theory. Learn how to improve quicker on your instrument!

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