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How To Be A Well-Rounded Musician

All musicians (students and professionals) aspire to learn music from a variety of styles of music. During the learning process, it is important to consider the following statement: “How can I become a well-rounded musician?” This article highlights some ideas to consider to he a well-rounded musician.

Why You Should Stop Worrying About Natural Talent For Guitar

Want to become a better guitarist faster? Stop worrying about your level of natural talent for guitar. Thinking about how much talent you have (or don’t have) slows down your progress for 3 reasons:

Make Yourself A Great Musician – Pt 1

In this series, you are going to see some of the elements that going in to making yourself a great musician. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a professional musician or if you want to play guitar as a fun hobby, none of us want to be kind of good at something. We want to be the best that we can possibly be.

Why Is It Important to Practice the Piano Slowly?

One of the most important things a piano student can do is learn the importance of practicing slowly, and then, to actually do it. Find out how doing slow steady practice can improve your piano playing!

3 Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Teach Guitar

You become a more successful guitar teacher by avoiding mistakes made by unsuccessful guitar teachers. These mistakes hurt your guitar students and reduce the income you earn teaching guitar.

Guitar Envy – What It Is and Why We Mustn’t Catch It

Guitar Envy, what is it, how do we catch it, most importantly how do we cure it. This article looks at the symptoms and how we can take steps to avoid it.

Best Jazz Standards to Help You Learn Jazz

Jazz musicians all start by playing jazz standards. Whether they get a hold of modern day jazz standards, or work with a music teacher in learning basic jazz theory, everyone has to learn standards at some point.

How To Play Guitar Amazing In Real-Life Musical Situations

How do you effectively test yourself to see how well you can play something on guitar? Answer: observe how well you can play when it really matters – I refer to this as “real life guitar playing”. Real-life guitar playing refers to the following: *Playing guitar on stage or in front of others without messing up. *Playing guitar with consistency even on a bad day To practice for real-life playing situations, you need to:

The Fundamental Guitar Teaching Errors That Reduce Your Income

To take your guitar teaching business to the highest level, you have to know: * The best methods to use for developing your teaching business and helping your students become great musicians. *How to follow these methods in the easiest and most efficient way possible. *The right order you need to do things in, so you can grow your business quickly.

Ways To Help Your Kids Get The Most Out Of Their Piano Classes

If your child is interested in learning piano, and have decided to go ahead with the idea, then you must also know that you will also have an active role to play in it. When your kid joins piano classes or if you hire a teacher, then you as a parent, also become a part of the learning team.

Jazz Guitar Chords for Beginner Jazz Guitarists

If you’re new to jazz music and want to explore the various chords that create the sounds you love, then this post is for you. Jazz history is full of guitarists who used the following chord progressions to create some of the hit songs their fans came to know and love. The question is, how can you use these same chords to improve your skills?

Achieve Your Musical Dreams – Benefits of Vocal Lessons

There comes a time in every singer’s career where they need to put on a performance using a voice that is stuffed with mucus and is worn-out or partially lost. To recover your lost voice immediately, you’ll need the input of a processional vocal coach to guide you how to restore your voice and to heal your throat.

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