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Music Theory for Organists: What Is Major and Minor Scale?

Many organists play organ pieces without ever thinking about how the piece is put together, what is the compositional materials used in the piece etc. These are advanced questions, of course and everything must start very simple at the beginning. In this article, I will explain, what is a major and minor scale, the foundations of every tonal organ composition.

Organ Practice: How to Measure Your True Progress?

Some organists have a difficult time measuring their true progress. If they practice every day, they might see very little day-to-day progress. Therefore, it gets very frustrating for them when they make mistakes in organ playing. However, there is one experiment you can make to see your if you are making a true progress.

Which Is Harder To Master, Classical or Jazz Piano?

Growing up as a classical pianist, I always thought that a person who has mastered the classics will have undoubtedly mastered the piano. As I entered college and began listening to jazz music and attempted to teach it to myself, I came to the realization that jazz was not easy! This article depicts my opinion on the complexities of both.

Saxophone Repairs: Diagnosing and Repairing Common Saxophone Problems

Broken Saxophone? Find out some of the most common Sax repairs.

4 Tips for Successful Piano Improvisation

Anyone can learn how to improvise. To get started, you just need to learn some chords. If you possess the perseverance, a positive outlook and an instrument to play on, you’re already partially there. Everything starts with your attitude! It doesn’t matter if you’re transitioning to playing by ear or by chords from classical music, or if you’ve never been formally trained and just want to develop your ear, just follow these few tips to help you get the right mindset.

How to Make an 808 Bass Drum

Creating an 808 kick drum is a very easy sound to get. To make this sound you can go about it a few ways. There are places online that will always get you to download an 808 sample that you can use in your music. You can spend two minutes looking on Google and find a website that will give you a very low quality mp3 sample that will get you very poor results.

Understanding the Three Main Chord Categories

In order to have a full command of harmony and its harmonic relationships, it is important to understand the function of each diatonic chord of a key. This knowledge will help in melodic harmonization, reharmonization as well as creating interesting, meaningful chord progressions.

The Violin: What Is the Best Way to Learn to Play?

It is a fantastic gift to be able to play any instrument, but the price as with any gift is a variable thing. The price to learn will depend on how serious you are, and what level of expertise you want to reach. For most of us that level is as an amateur, and as such the price to pay is time for practice, lessons and possibly money to hire a good music teacher.

The Violin: Some Questions Answered

In this article I intend to answer some of the questions most asked by students. There is a large amount of information on the internet about Violins, but it often takes a lot of time consuming research to find it. Here are some frequently asked questions.

The Violin: A Historic Journey Into Its Roots and Different Forms

It is not that easy to say the precise year when the prototype violin was made, but we do have a clue from old paintings as to roughly the time period, and the look of the initial instruments; these were thought to have had only three strings. What we do know is, that the roots of the violin first emerged in the early sixteenth Century in Italy, and that the instrument was a Hybrid of other instruments around at the time.

The Violin: What Is Vibrato, and How Do You Perform It?

Vibrato is a device used by musicians who play stringed instruments. This article will examine vibrato in relationship with the violin. If you want to be technical, then it is the movement of the finger on the string that causes the pitch of the note to change.

Yamaha Pianos: The Popular Choice For Piano Players

Yamaha manufactures pianos of the best quality and tone. The sound that comes from these instruments is pure and musicians everywhere opt for Yamaha pianos. The company itself has a grand history, manufacturing some of the best equipment. The company’s commitment to excellent sound features in every piano. Grand pianos are quite exorbitantly priced, and for those who need a much affordable option, used Yamaha pianos are the best.

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