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How Sight Singing Benefits the Church Choir Singer

Millions of church choir singers don’t have the ability to read vocal music. If they could develop this skill, it would save them time, produce more accuracy in their singing, and give them greater confidence in their abilities, resulting in less stress.

Great Guitar Websites

Guitar Websites are actually resources for the beginning and advanced guitar player. Let me preface this article by saying that every would be guitar player needs to learn music theory from a reputable source. While playing an instrument is often thought of as a hobby; once you get into it, you will need and want to communicate with other musicians. Music theory is the language of guitar and all musical instruments. Don’t overlook this very important step in your journey. Having said that, where are the good guitar websites and what do those websites offer. I haven’t found too many that offer what I want.

The Future of Guitar – Learning How to Play Guitars Online

Learn the secret to how to play guitars online. Find out how this method of learning is now the easiest and best method to learn guitar.

Best Guitars For Beginner’s (Acoustic and Electric)

A guide to the best guitars for beginner’s. Both acoustic and electric are taken into consideration and compared.

How to Play Chords on Guitar Fast and Easy

There are great many schools of thought about what is and what isn’t the correct way to begin learning how to play guitar. I have known great guitar players that have said there is no sense in learning any theory just start playing and yet others who when teaching you how to play make you learn the major scale before they will introduce chords never mind playing a song. I am not saying either way is wrong but I believe the best way is somewhere in the middle.

Learning Guitar Leads Short Cuts

Learning Guitar Leads is easy and there are short cuts. Learn about the short cuts to start you shredding.

Writing Lyrics for a Song

If you have dreamt about writing lyrics for a song all your life, you will know that writing a couple of lines based on a random thought is easy but elaborating them into a song takes effort. Most of us drop the idea just because we cannot afford to walk those extra miles of thought. Words are often elusive when they are needed the most.

Writing Better Lyrics

Writing better lyrics is a relative phrase since you are comparing the writing abilities of someone with those of yours or comparing your present abilities with those in the past. Though not a good habit, comparison can sometimes help you achieve quality. When people begin to write lyrics, they fight hard and long to get over the inertia of having not written for a long time.

How to Be a Songwriter

“How to be a songwriter?” is a question which several newcomers ask. They have always dreamt of their songs being played by a famous artist.

How to Clean Your Guitar and Strings to Get the Most From Them

Your guitar will always gather dirt, dust and grime. Your strings can gather a whole lot of grime from your fingertips. To get the most life out of your strings, I would suggest that you wipe down your guitar strings with a good chamois or a good cotton cloth, after every use.

How to Make Your Guitar Talk

After you have learned the basic chords and scales of the guitar, it is time to learn how to make your guitar talk. This is called articulation. You can make your guitar talk, sing or cry, depending on some little tricks that you can employ to take your guitar playing to the next level.

Ouch, That Hurts – Developing Calluses

When you first begin playing, your fingers can get quite sore. Your fingertips are soft before you begin playing. All guitar players experience this pain.

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