? Frank Vignola’s Jazz Chord Melody Playbook – Intro – Guitar Lessons

Learn the Acoustic Guitar: Don’t Just Play It

When it comes to playing the acoustic guitar, there are so many resources out there that just jump right into playing songs, but never explain why the song is played like that. Things like note placement, chord construction and music theory are crucial when learning how to play the acoustic guitar properly.

Networking for Piano Teachers: Why Not Put Yourself Out There?

In January 2011, I opened up my music teaching studio full-time. Since then, I have been able to sustain continued growth in students using creative marketing ideas. This article focuses on networking as a piano teacher and how to implement this in your everyday life.

Singing Tips – Correct Diction Improves Singing A Lot

Singing diction is one important thing that you should consider in order to become a better singer. Read more of this article and learn how to improve diction!

Jazz Guitar Scales

An improviser usually relies on their knowledge of scales as raw material for soloing. The player should know at least one scale for major, minor and dominant seventh chords.

How to Learn to Play Guitar: First Steps

Always wanted to play guitar but don’t know where to start? This guide is exactly what you need then – apart from incredible desire, of course.

Why a Guitar Teacher Is Better Than Being Self-Taught

A lot of aspire guitar players think they can teach themselves how to play. Though it can be done, a lot of unnecessary hurdles can be avoided by being taught by a professional.

5 Things You Need To Know About Learning To Play The Piano

Piano was the favorite instrument of many composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Liszt or Debussy. This instrument helps us view “the subtlest universal truths” from the perspective of music. Hearing a person playing the piano can lift your spirit. Many people want to learn to play piano but they are either too afraid to begin or too convinced that they will not make it. However, learning to play piano is not that difficult if you keep in mind several tips.

How to Teach Yourself to Be a Better Musician

You thought you can’t teach yourself music? Here are some tips to maximize learning music with the help of the internet.

The Best Drum Heads for Playing Rock Music on Your Drum Set

Over the years I have gone through hundreds (if not thousands) of drum heads between replacing them on my personal kits, and installing them on the custom drum sets that I build. Some drum heads have impressed me over and over and stayed on my kit for weeks, but other drum heads have come off my drum set after a few hours of playing them. This post will show you what drum heads I’ve generally trusted over the years to provide me with a sound that makes the engineers go wild. I’ll also tell you the pros and cons of each drum head, and my preference in how to tune each drum.

Left Handed Guitar Lessons From Jimi Hendrix – Observations on Monterey

What happened next was unique for the times. While still playing, he does a somersault and again, never misses a beat. The guitar is placed on the floor and he grabs at the strings almost as if to break them while seemingly able to fit it into the music.

How To Find Guitar Instructional Videos Which Don’t Encourage Bad Habits

If you already enjoy playing guitar but are looking to take your playing a bit further then one of the things you’re likely to do is to head online and start having a look about for guitar instructional videos. You probably won’t have to spend too long doing the looking around since even a cursory look online will reveal millions of results, and even limiting it to a single site such as You Tube results in hundreds of thousands of possible guitar instructional video tutorials.

Learn Electric Guitar Much Faster By Doing This

I wanted to learn electric guitar pretty fast when I first started, but I didn’t have the resources available today. Follow this advice and be playing your favorite songs faster than you can imagine…

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