? Frank Vignola’s Jazz Standard Learning System: Black Orpheus – Intro – Guitar Lessons

Picking The Best Make A Beat Program When Working With Drum Tracks

Drum sounds adds shape to your melody, using a make a beat program will make your listeners dance to the tracks, sway their bodies, and bob their heads.  Using drum sounds makes a sample more exciting and interesting.

Finding the Best Way to Learn Piano

Learning piano is one of the things that you can do if you want to learn music, and of course, the piano is also one of the most popular instruments that many would want to learn. If you are one of those trying to find the best way to learn piano, here are a few that you may choose from.

The CAGED Guitar System Revisited

It was the summer of 1965 and I was staying with my uncle in the East Central town of Laurel, Mississippi. I was probably around fifteen years old at the time and very interested in learning the guitar. So, I headed downtown, found a local instructor, and began my first lesson.

The Tiger Mother And Music Discipline

My views on the parenting practices of the famous Tiger Mother as it pertains to music discipline. I will go in depth about how she forced her children to practice their musical instruments, the importance of learning music, and the role of the parent as well as the role of the teacher in a student’s music education. You will read my personal critique of The Tiger Mother’s approach to ensuring that her daughters learned and played their musical instruments perfectly.

How to Learn the Piano Fast – Tips On Learning the Instrument

The piano is one of the best instruments to learn if you want to learn music. In fact, learning the piano can be a very basic step because once you will learn the piano, you can also learn other instruments pretty easily. If you also love composing or making songs, learning the piano is also a good start as well.

Top 5 Practice Tips For Any Musical Instrument

Does music practice get boring or unproductive for you? If so, follow these top 5 musical training tips to best learn your favorite pieces more quickly and enjoy your practice at the same time. Whether you are learning to play guitar, flute, violin, piano or any other musical instrument these hot tips will set you on the path to success.

Compression – The Basics

For a beginner, even just the thought of compression is frightening. There are not enough tutorials out there narrowing the process down, so novices have a chance to learn the basics. The process of compression isn’t easy, but it is probably the most significant tool in every dance track and is necessary if you want to be a successful producer. Without compression your drums will sound flat, your synths’ will be thin and your track overall will sound dull and tedious.

Lessons for Acoustic Guitar That Work!

Lessons for acoustic guitar are currently becoming more important due to the rising popularity of the acoustic in modern popular music. The great advantage that the acoustic guitar offers over at electric guitar is that it is a softer and more gentle sound and it is acceptable in almost every style of modern music. No longer purely the domain of the country music star, the right lessons for the acoustic can set you up as an accomplished guitarist playing rock, metal, folk or any other type of music.

Playing Guitar – Information for Beginners

Playing guitar is something that is relatively easy to learn, but takes years to master. Students can learn to strum chords in a matter of minutes. With talent and practice, they may become great.

3 Tips for Learning to Play the Piano As an Adult

Learning to play the piano as an adult can be intimidating, even scary. As a piano teacher, I talk to many adults who confess their dreams of wanting to play the piano. They tell me about uninspiring lessons when they were kids, piano teachers who told them they weren’t musical, or that they think it’s just too late and they’ll settle for just loving music and listening.

Playing an Instrument: The Best Way to Get Started

Set yourself up to have a great relationship to your musical journey! I have taught many students over the years and it has become clear that students with certain attitudes, who have done certain preparation to be ready for their lessons, tend to do far better than the students who have not. This is a simple guide that I created with a commitment that you prepare yourself to win in your musical endeavor. If you are looking to get your children into lessons you may need to get creative in how you apply these steps.

Scales for Country And Blues Harmonica

Playing Blues and Country music on the Harmonica requires the person practicing to know the different types of Scales which can be used on the Harmonica. Think of this as 2 roads you should follow when playing either Country or Blues. You don’t want to play pretty country notes when you are playing blues music and you don’t want to play dirty low down blues notes when your playing pretty country music.

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