? Give’em the Fingers! (in C) – Overview – Blues Guitar Lesson – Albert Castiglia

Carbon Fiber Sheets Can Make Music Instruments Look Unique

If you have been thinking about making your musical instrument look unique then you should consider overlaying it in carbon fiber sheets. Here is some information on why.

Finger Exercises For Guitar – How to Improve Your Guitar Skills

Playing the guitar is a form of physical activity. You need to constantly maintain the strength in your fingers and your other muscles in order to perform at your best. Doing finger exercises is a good way to do just that. Try to incorporate some of the exercises I am about tell you into your own life and playing in order to see a big improvement in your guitar skills.

Learn Guitar – The Most Comprehensive Guide

If you’re trying to learn how to play guitar, there are plenty of things you need to know. Learning to play guitar is really cool, and can make you feel really good about yourself. Most guitar players take a lot of pride in their ability, and they should.

Things To Remember When Learning To Play The Guitar

Needless to say, guitar is one of the most popular instruments around. The sound it creates appeals to anyone, tell me who does not want to be serenaded? Many find the music interesting and so they take their shot at figuring how it works. However, many find learning the guitar a hard thing to do that they give up after a few unsuccessful tries. While learning to play the guitar seems frustrating at first, it gets simpler each time. Unfortunately for those who gave up, they’ll never know it.

Tips to Find a Good Violin Teacher

If you are looking for a good violin teacher in Singapore, I will give you some tips here. You may be wondering if you can find quality violin lessons in Singapore. You may also be wondering how to find a good violin teacher in Singapore. Do not worry as I will take you through some tips to find a good violin teacher for you or your child.

Learn to Sing With Online Singing Lessons

A new research led by researchers at the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw, and the University of Montreal has found that almost everyone can carry a tune. The very few who just cannot sign in tune are tone deaf and just cannot understand when a tune is off-key.

Teaching Piano Lessons – An Alternative To An Office Job

Teaching piano lessons is an easy and fun way to make extra cash on weekends. You can earn about $900 to $1,000 from just teaching part time on weekend. That’s if you teach from a good neighborhood where you can charge more.

Beginner Guitar Lessons – How to Find Good Ones

To find beginner guitar lessons, first you must know what they are. Beginner guitar lessons teach the student the basic skills needed for play, like tunes, chords, notes and techniques like timing and strumming and so on. Feeling extremely confused is common among beginner players who have found the wrong beginner lessons and are realizing it.

Country Guitar Lessons That You Need To Try!

Together with all the things you have to do to play country guitar in a professional way then you may want to learn about the chord variants as well i.e. major, minor, diminished or augmented. Start with the simplest progression form and you will see what dimension the small changes can create to your country music comprehension. Learn more here!

What If There Isn’t A Transpose Button?

Suppose you’re the new keyboard player in the band. This rock band just hired you and welcomed you aboard. Now, you’re going to your first gig tonight.

Criticism in Music

We know that criticism is prevalent in the world of music, but how badly can it affect a musician? There is a way for one to deal with it effectively.

Violin Music For Beginners – Reading Music To Improvising Like A Pro

Violin music for beginners can be very intimidating but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. As with any other musical instrument, the violin requires a good foundation. A firm grasp of the basics of violin will enable a beginner to steadily move toward an intermediate playing level as he or she is building on the foundation that was established from the start.

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