? Give’em the Fingers! (in C) – Performance – Blues Guitar Lesson – Albert Castiglia

Laying The Wood On Your First Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Learning to play the acoustic guitar like a pro will be much easier when you know how the makeup of the wood effects the sounds you produce. In fact before you purchase a guitar you would do well to research the qualities of the woods the manufacturer uses to give the instrument the tonal qualities you enjoy. Take time to play a few notes and listen for how sharp the highs are, how mellow the mid tones feel, and how the bass tones resonate in your chest. Most of all take note of how the guitar makes you feel. You will be playing it for many years to come, so you should choose the one that first fits your budget, but more importantly makes you want to play it.

How to Learn to Play Piano: What You Need to Know

Are you having a hard time with the piano? Can’t seem to get your practice sessions right? Well, worry not. Here are a few helpful tips on how to learn to play piano in your music class.

Learn Guitar For Beginners – How I Got Started

If you’re frustrated as hell with your new guitar because you have no idea how to play it then your best bet is guitar lessons. But there too expensive I hear you say. Sure if you hire a private instructor it might be costly but if you want to learn guitar from home in your own time then you have 3 options.

Questions For Beginning Guitar Players

Once you answer the call to learn how to play guitar, you have several questions to ask yourself that will make your learning experience more enjoyable and your resulting skill level much higher. One very important question to ask yourself when first starting out is, “Why do I want to learn how to play guitar?”

How to Play Guitar: Learning Guitar Chords

In learning how to play the guitar, a beginner should be familiarized with different chord patterns and how to play them correctly. This guide will help you learn about basic chords and the CAGED Fret board System. First, let us define what chords are.

Playing Country Guitar Music

Participating in a country music by the guitar may just be uncomplicated if you have acquired country guitar lessons. You should do as instructed if you want to play perfectly. You can study it by using chord charts and books.

Practice Smart – Several Techniques to Ramp Up Your Practice Power

I think it is fair to say that most people aren’t in love with practicing. My hope, in this article, is twofold. One, to help you improve your practicing skills, and two, to help you get more done in less time. It’s pretty obvious that in order to improve on a musical instrument one has to practice. However, how does one get better at practicing? Here are some tips to employ.

Learn to Play Funk Guitar

Well when it comes to learning funk guitar remember the role of the funk guitarist is more rhythmic as the music is usually driven by the bass and drums. Funk guitarists generally are pretty tight with the drums filling and allowing the drummer more freedom of expression.

Electric Guitar Lessons

I’ve been meaning to start on electric guitar lessons. I’ve dabbled with other instruments like the bass guitar and even have attempted to sing but there’s something about the guitar that really speaks to me. It takes a lot of patience and practice but once you get a hang of it, the possibilities are endless.

Guitar Lessons 101: Taking Care of Your Guitar

There are times, however, when one of your guitar’s strings would snap. May it be from normal wear and tear, dirt and grime, or just an intense practice session, it’s best that you just go ahead and replace the whole set.

Learning Guitar Chords: Chromatic Mediants, Secondary Dominants and Borrowed Chords

This article will describe the difference between a number of chord variations. Learning guitar chords with variations like chromatic mediants, (secondary) dominants and borrowed chords is difficult if you donยดt have any prior knowledge about guitar chords. If you think these terms are to advanced opposed to your guitar knowledge at the moment, scroll down to the resource box.

Play Guitar Like Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine, founder and lead singer songwriter of Heavy/Thrash metal band Megadeth is famous for his screaming fast licks and fast riffing on his guitar. A few techniques Dave uses to play guitar are: -Power chords, The “spider chord”, Hammer ons, Tapping and other shredding techniques.

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