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Learning Piano is Easy!

Learning isn’t fun, I mean to most people learning is just boring – no one wants to do it. Even more so when it comes to a musical instrument. You have things such as scales and monotonous exercises and you never seem to actually get to learning songs.

Learn Piano the Quick and Easy Way!

Want to learn how to play the piano, but don’t want to spend a heap of time learning how to read sheet music? Learning piano doesn’t have to be as heard as you may believe it is. If fact if you start by learning chords it is actually quite simple.

Okay – Let’s Take A Closer Look At Your Song

It is, and has always been, my belief that songwriters fail in the music industry not because they lack ability, but because deep down inside they’re resigned to failure. I’m not going to dwell too much on why songwriters fail. I make the point only so that we can clearly identify the real enemy to success.

Everything You Need To Start And Operate A Record Digital Label

Before I discuss the advantages of running your own digital label – I’d like you to imagine what it would have been like starting a physical label just ten years ago. A minimum investment of $350,000 would have been needed. This would have enabled you to rent an office sufficient to hold yourself plus a secretary, an A&R manager, a talent scout, a plugger/promoter, and a receptionist. You would also need a copyright and royalty manager.

Musical Fast Track Lesson 2 – Put Yourself On a Mission

“Why the Heck Did I Just Spend 4 Hours in a Stuffy Practice Room Working on Chord Scales, Anyway?” Put yourself on a musical mission and put yourself on the musical fast track.

Jazz Guitar Instruction – Putting You In Sync With Your Music

Watching jazz guitarists play can be a wonderful source of inspiration to seek jazz guitar instruction. Experiencing the sounds produced by their fantastic picking control can be an exciting feeling. But where exactly is the best place to start?

The Dalcroze System of Musical Education Still Has Validity to Day

At the beginning of the 20th Century Jaques Dalcroze created a system of musical education in which bodily movements are used to represent musical rhythms.

Free Piano Lesson Video “December Twilight” Shows You How To Improvise Your Own Music

So many students would just love to sit down at the piano and play. Yet these same students think you need years upon years of study to improvise successfully. But that’s where they’re wrong!

Free Piano Lesson “Winter Scene” Shows You How To Create Your Own Music!

Have you ever wondered how someone can just sit down at the piano and play? It’s unfathomable to most how it’s done. But to a select few, it’s just a matter of knowing how to improvise freely on the keyboard. Read this article and discover how you too can improvise your own piano music!

Saxophone Blues Scales – If You Want To Play Blues, Rock or Jazz You Need To Start Here

For us sax players these flat notes are perfect to incorporate a “growl” sound to further emphasize that “bluesy” expression or make it a bit more nasty. Two other things to notice – the 3rd and 5th can be played as a flat or not but the 7th generally is only played as a flat and not the major 7th in this type of scale or musical genre.

Relaxing Piano Music – Create It Yourself With These Easy to Follow Piano Lessons

You love the soothing sounds of relaxing piano music. But have you ever thought about actually going to your piano and creating it yourself? You’ll be able to after reading this article!

Free Piano Lessons Video Shows You How To Improvise Your Own Music Using Just 2 Chords

With the popularity of YouTube and Google Video, it’s become very easy for instructors to upload videos of their lessons. Check out this article and see how easy piano improvisation can be!

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