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Free Jazz Piano Lessons and Gig Tips

A jazz piano player is typically a musician who specializes in playing songs from the Great American Songbook. Usually, jazz piano players know lots of jazz piano chords, are comfortable improvising, can read jazz sheet music, and can swing very well.

Organ Playing: How to Sit on the Organ Bench Correctly?

Because the pipe organ is the most complex of all musical instruments, it is only natural, that the art of organ playing is very complex. It is easy for the beginner to be overwhelmed by the various details, such as articulation, registration, correct notes, rhythms, fingering and pedaling. However, very first thing an aspiring organist must do is to learn the correct manner of posture and sitting on the organ bench.

Different Types of Guitar Strumming Techniques

Strumming is the easiest way to play the guitar. Sure, picking might give you more dynamics, but for beginners, it will be much easy to understand different chord patterns by playing them simultaneously. Strumming is a huge part in the rhythm section of the band.

Some Tips in Learning the Guitar Tabs

If you want to learn guitar playing, you have to understand the different aspects involved with this type of instrument. You need to know the terms such as notes, guitar structure, tabs and chords. The aspect that describes a notation of music is the guitar tab.

Singing Lessons – How to Improve Your Breathing Technique

I’ve reviewed quite a few learn-to-sing CDs and one thing they all seem to have in common is the lack of in-depth information on breathing technique. There’s so much detail about breathing properly in order to sing properly that I feel is key to developing a great singing voice. I want to address this element of singing – beginning with this article. As a vocal coach I always tell my students, if you open your mouth to suck in that breath gradually as you drop the jaw, you will sing that way – correctly. It’s about developing a new habit and dispensing with old. There is a direct connection between opening your mouth to sing and opening your mouth to breathe. Get the breathing bit right, and you’ll be singing like a pro in no time. This article will explore the pros and cons of breathing technique to help you not only sing better, but also sound a heck of a lot better than you ever did. It’s all in the breathing.

What Kind of Shoes Do You Need to Play the Organ?

I often get asked what kind of organ shoes does one need to play the pedals? You see, for an organist, this question is quite important. Correct organ shoes can help you to develop a better pedal technique. In some cases, the shoes can even determine whether or not some particular pedal line can be played or not.

How to Use Pedal Preparation in Organ Playing

Many of my organ students ask me what is the secret to a perfect pedal technique? They want to know how they can achieve the ability to play intricate pedal lines, pedal scales, arpeggios, even chords with their feet with confidence and precision. I always tell them that it is quite simple.

How to Use Finger Preparation in Organ Playing?

When we listen to organ playing of real world class experts, we often marvel at how they can play without a single mistake. It seems like their music can be released directly to a CD recording. Moreover, these people can play flawlessly for hours. Although there are a number of important reasons why real masters can play without mistakes, one technique which will help to achieve that is finger preparation.

How to Depress and Release Organ Pedal Keys Correctly?

Pedal playing is perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of organ playing. Everyone wants to start playing those flashy virtuoso pedal lines of Bach’s d minor toccata, a large North German Baroque style Prelude or the Flight of the Bumblebee. But of course we don’t start pedal playing with such virtuoso music. We keep it really simple at the beginning, just a few long sustained notes played with alternate toes only. Just as with manual playing, the very first thing you have to learn when playing the pedals is how to depress and release the pedal keys correctly.

How to Depress and Release the Keys Correctly on the Organ?

When I teach my organ students, one of the most apparent things I notice right away is whether or not their depression and release of keys is correct. If they come to the organ with some experience with the piano playing, then naturally they try to recreate the same feeling on the organ. The thing is, although both the organ and piano has the same keys (black and white, sometimes white and black), their action and sound production is inherently different.

How To Clean Your Electric Guitar

A simple guitar cleaning and maintenance can salvage your guitar’s overall performance. Believe or not, dirt, oil and dust are huge factors on the quality of sound on your guitar. Overtime these impurities produce rust on your fret wires, tremolo bars, bridge, tuning pegs and pick -ups.

Tips in Learning How to Play Bass Guitar Online

So, you already purchased your new bass guitar and you are ready to slap the chords only to realize that no one is available to teach you. Your friends are so busy doing their own gig, your folks are busy maintaining the household and you are on a limited allowance. You are either a student or an employee who only got weekends or a few hours a day of learning how to play bass guitar.

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