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Learning the Guitar Using Online Video Tutorials

There is certainly a lot of advantages in learning how to play the guitar without the need of any personal instructor but just your reliable PC. The internet is already known for being a source of so many kinds of information, including those about guitar playing.

Improving the Way You Play the Lead Guitar

Guitar playing is one of the best hobbies that most people who love music have. But for the most serious guitar players, concentrating on specific skills like playing bass or lead, there are a lot of things that they need to cover before they can safely say that they are experts in their field. A lead guitarist often is trying to improve his skills in playing so that he is able to compete among the other lead guitar players. Most amateur lead players focus on learning new skills instead of mastering what they already know.

How to Choose the Best Guitar Type for You

In good guitar playing it is important for the musician to choose the right instrument for them to play on. Before they start improving their skill it is very important that they should consider knowing how they will find the perfect guitar for them to play. There are certain guides that will help beginners buy their first instrument.

How to Play Guitar Bar Chords

Bar chords or barre chords is typical not just in guitar but among different instruments as well. It is very convenient to use because you will able to play a lot of chords by knowing the “shape” formed by your fingers-while moving up and down the neck to produce a different set of notes. One characteristic of a bar chord is the absence of an open chord.

How to Read the Guitar Chord Pattern

Music is also a language. Like speech and dialects around the world, it has its own unique structure and words that we need to understand in order to effectively convey our message through songs. In the world of guitar playing, correct reading of chord patterns is comparable with reading our first book when we were young.

Amazing Bass Exercises for 3 Finger Picking Technique

While two finger bass picking technique is a lot common for beginners, it is better to add another finger on your arsenal. Always remember to maximize economy in motion-meaning, doing so many jobs in with lest effort as possible. In terms of bass picking, using a third finger will not only lessen the stress which accumulates between your two fingers but it will also enable you to play faster tempos like those in thrash and death metal.

Best Two Finger Bass Picking Exercises

If you closely watch your favorite bass players picking their guitars, you will notice a steady wrist, strong thumb and flexible fingers pounding those thick strings. Years of practice and different finger picking techniques helped them became who they are today. This lesson works best for those who decide to use their fingers instead of bass guitar picks.

Building Finger Strength and Flexibility For Bass Players

Playing a bass guitar can be physically demanding. With an average body weight of five to ten pounds- with some guitars made from dense wood reaching up to twenty pounds- adding up to them the scale of 30″-34″ neck line; you need some serious work out to survive the daily rigors of rehearsing and performing. Simple shoulder, arm and back strengthening exercises can do wonders for you.

Do Not Forget About Bass Root Notes

It is mentioned time and time again that the main purpose of bass is to lay the foundation for the song’s harmony and rhythm. With rhythm, your main goal as a bass guitarist is to know the chords written for the song. Doing so will make you more comfortable to determine which kind of note to play.

How To Choose The Right Trumpet

If you are just beginning to learn how to play the trumpet, or have a child that is, you have likely already pondered the question, “How do I choose the right trumpet?” The choices are many, and the prices range anywhere from a hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars. So, which one is best for you?

Guitar Scales Mystery

Every one of us guitar players ran into this dilemma sooner or later: Do I really have to learn music theory to play guitar properly? Isn’t rock guitar and rock music itself all about freedom and rebellion against constricting norms?

3 Challenging Songwriting Games To Exercise and Develop Your Songwriting Muscles

One of my favorite ways to develop my songwriting skills is to play songwriting games. In this article I’m going to cover 3 songwriting games you can play with yourself to challenge yourself own songwriting games to challenge yourself and write some very interesting and great songs and hooks.

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