? Greg Koch Teaches Blues Guitar Comping (Part 1)

Valuable Tips to Write A Catchy Song

There are many important elements that are necessary to compose a great song. Several songwriters have struggled endlessly to create their masterpieces, while others seem to possess the gift of cranking out gems that surface into the world and never leave our minds. Some rely on their own creative ingenuity while others use a songwriting software that they have located through an online music store. Regardless of their method, there is no denying that the end result must consist of several integral components.

Learning Guitar With Online Videos – Five Steps to Success

To get the most out of online guitar lessons, there are five things to look for to get the best possible results. A good understanding of what you are looking for is the first step to success.

Ears Not Eyes

There is a fundamental truth about learning any type of musical instrument: you should aim to learn to play using your ears and not your eyes. We cannot see music: we can only hear it. Neither can we glimpse the sentiment of music; whether it’s happy, sad, menacing, or angry.

Hip Hop Writer

A hip hop writer creates lyrics and beats for songs. What makes it different from other music genres is the song style and structure, and that’s where a hip hop writer brings in his talent. The song style and arrangement of lyrics is different from that of other kinds, and it is the job of the writer to create the lyrics and arrange them to form the hook, chorus, and verses.

Hip Hop Writing

Hip hop writing is often misunderstood. Hip hop writing requires both technical knowledge and creativity. The technical aspects include everything from arranging drum and bass tracks to the style and beat, while the creative aspects deal with the lyric writing part and coming with the original bass, drum tracks for the song.

Music Writing

Music writing is an art form that includes writing lyrics and writing the instrumental music track and recording the vocals. The amount of work that goes into a finished song is phenomenal, and no matter what kind of song it is, what genre, each song production follows the same steps or has the same parts. One of the most important steps is the music writing part.

How to Improve at Singing

There are many ways how to improve at singing, and it does not necessarily mean that if you were not born with a great voice then you cannot become a professional singer. There are people who have never been born with a great voice; but with great training, they have been able to build very successful singing careers. All you have to do is to keep training, and you thus improve your voice, thus your singing career.

Selecting The Best Instrument Rental Company

Music is a great therapy and can heal many complications. It is also very useful for instilling discipline among kids. Most parents these days, therefore, prefer to give their children music lessons. While some of the kids go to attend lessons at music training schools, some are also being trained at home. These home schooled music pupils need to arrange for their own musical instruments. Unfortunately, musical instruments can at times be expensive and at the first stages, it is best to rent instruments from a good instrument rental company.

Vocal Warm-Ups, Maintenance, And Their Inherent Benefits

This article will describe several benefits to properly warming up your vocal chords. Even for a rock musician!

Everyone Can Learn to Improvise

Even if you are not one of the lucky people who can improvise naturally by ear you can still learn to improvise. With a bit of practice you can learn to play from chords and enter the fun and exciting world of jazz.

Drum Recording – How To Mic The Snare Drum (In-Depth Tutorial)

How to mic snare drum tutorial. Includes mic types, popular snare mics, single, top and bottom, and hybrid micing, and the sounds of each.

The Art of Fugue

The Fugue was brought to its highest form in the Baroque Period by Johann Sebastian Bach, universally regarded as one of the greatest composers in the world. Learn what makes Fugues so complex yet beautiful works of art.

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