? Greg Koch Teaches Blues Guitar Comping (Part 2)

Writing Rap Lyrics

The process of writing rap lyrics is analogous to poetry writing and requires a combination of subject matter and clever lyrics. The structure of rap lyrics is based on the rhyming scheme and the corresponding rhyming words. The uniqueness of rap songs is actually attributed to the lyrics embedded in them.

Writing a Rap Song

Writing a rap song requires an understanding of the fundamentals of rap song writing. The core requirements of writing rap comprise of original lyrics, knowledge of rhyming schemes, and creating a strong back beat and hook that maintains the attention of listeners. Rap is composed of rhymed couplets, which are usually set to a bass beat and drum.

Write a Rap

Learning how to write a rap requires practice and proper knowledge of rap structure. To write a rap song, you will need structure, which is similar to most popular music genres but involves a little variation as well and is highly dependent on complex rhythmical patterns and rhymes. Rap is a genre of music which comprises of looped beats and synthesized instruments in a way where the vocalist uses verse and rhymes to create flow and rhythm evoking emotions.

Guitar Learning Methods For Beginners: Are They Really Different?

This article gives a summary of the more common methods used to learn how to play guitar. This article also discusses the problems with these methods and gives readers a realistic look at the journey they ahead of them, should they choose one of these learning methods.

Do I Really Have to Learn Scales – Can’t I Just Play Tunes?

Everyone likes to play tunes rather than scales which seem dry to many learners but there are reasons why you should make an effort to learn scales. In the main article we will explore some of these and find out why it could lead to much more fun in music.

Will There Ever Be Another Guitar Hero?

Every person interested in guitar-based music has an opinion as to who are, or have been the best guitarists in the world. While we all have different ideas, a consensus of opinion has often been achieved: the music industry has long recognised the public’s liking for “league tables”, and has compiled such lists since the dawn of Rock.

Hip Hop Song Writer

A hip hop song writer, like any other song writer, has to go through the same kinds of steps that lead to a completed song. There are no fixed ways to get a complete song, only the steps are the same, the order in which one goes about them is an individual preference. Mostly the first step is the Title, because in that one line the writer is able to decide what exactly they want to talk about via the song.

Hip Hop Writer

A hip hop ghost writer writes hip hop song lyrics and beats for their clients. Hip hop songs are a combination of beats, hooks, and verses, but sometimes an artist might find himself stuck with the most amazing beat and no lyrics to go with it, or perfect lyrics and no beat that could complement it and that’s where a hip hop ghost writer comes in. Even the best of artists can get stuck at one point or another and may need help to get down those elusive lyrics that would fit with the beat they have in mind.

Writing Hip Hop

When writing hip hop, the hip hop writer follows steps or paths to write the song. One of the first steps when it comes to hip hop writing is getting the beat down, from start to end. This makes the song writing process easier because once you have the beat, fitting lyrics to go with it is not as hard as it is to try to find a beat for lyrics.

Writing Music

Writing music is an art form that entails writing music instrumentals and song lyrics. Like most other forms of creative expression, writing music is a kind of art form. The ability to put down the melodies and tunes floating around in your head to paper, to arrange all the notes and riffs in order and create a beautiful song out of all that is a talent, one that is being widely sought after these days.

Songwriter for Music

A ghostwriter for music is an uncredited musician who writes song lyrics, keyboard and piano scores, guitar, and precession beat tracks. They can even provide the lead sheet. When musicians get stuck and are unable to find lyrics that go with their sounds or their sounds for their lyrics, and writer’s block just refuses to go away, they can work with a ghostwriter for music.

Music Writer

A music writer is a professional musician who writes music lyrics and instrumentals. Depending on the music genre, the instrumental may utilize drums, piano or keyboard, guitar, violin, and cellos. The music writer can create a lead sheet, instrumental, lyrics, and even vocals.

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