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Common Guitar Teaching Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you want to take your guitar teaching skills to the next level, you must NOT make the same exact errors all other guitar teachers are making. If you do this, your guitar students will become better players much faster while also staying with you as their teacher for many years to come.

How To Improve Guitar Practice Effectiveness Using Circuit Training

Want to improve your guitar skills faster than ever while having fun with your guitar practice? Start using guitar practice that incorporates circuit training. What is circuit training? This is a type of training that combines various exercises together in a specific manner for a set amount of time.

How To Play Acoustic Blues Rhythm Guitar That Will Have People Wanting To Jam With You All The Time

Learn how to play awesome sounding rhythm guitar parts to a 12 bar blues on your acoustic guitar. Too much focus tends to be given to lead and solo guitar playing. To become a great guitarist you must become a great rhythm player. In this article learn 3 cool and unique approaches to playing rhythm guitar over a 12 bar blues

This Guitar Practice Process Fixes Your Guitar Playing Issues

The most effective way to improve your guitar playing is to solve playing problems while practicing. Simply playing through exercises again and again doesn’t help you improve. Correct guitar practice needs to help your playing feel easy while also making it sound good.

Musical Scales Weighed Up

A simple explanation of simple modes (forms of scales) in music and their uses. The major and minor scales are the most common forms in the western world. Many other forms are and have been used by musicians and composers throughout the ages. This article is designed to explain all the most common scales in 5 minutes using less than 500 words.

How To Make Guitar Practice More Fun While Getting Better Results

Does guitar practice seem more like a chore than something that you genuinely enjoy doing? This is a bad sign, and will only lead to slower overall progress… here are the two reasons why: 1. You’ll practice guitar less whenever you feel bored. As a result, you will make progress very slowly. 2. If worse comes to worse, you will end up not practicing at all, and maybe quitting guitar altogether. No doubt, this would lead to a massive decline in your guitar skills.

Common Mistakes Six String Guitar Players Make & How To Avoid Them

There are distinctive causes why six string guitar players go by means of frustration and disappointment. Listed here are 3 key mistakes guitar players make and repeat again and again that you just will have to certainly restrict from.

Eight Steps To Developing Your Own Six String Guitar Playing Schedule

Step 1. Get very clear on what your long term guitar playing / musical pursuits are. Watch out for distractions… there is a huge difference between ‘brief time period goals’ and ‘distractions’. Actual brief-time period goals will have to be steady together with your lengthy-time period ambitions.

Why Generic Guitar Teaching Methods Suck

A lot of guitar teachers use generic guitar method books or courses to teach their students. Unless you teach exclusively beginner students, you will come across the following problems using this kind of approach in your guitar teaching: 1. You will not be able to help your students make fast progress in their guitar playing. The majority of popular guitar teaching approaches were made only to teach musical topics, NOT to help your guitar students achieve specific goals. (Almost no great guitarists became great using these kinds of books.)

How To Make Your Guitar Vibrato Sound Amazing

Vibrato is one of the most important guitar techniques to master if you want to sound like a pro. All the most skilled players have great vibrato, while the majority of other players simply think this skill it will just improve on its own (without practice). In reality, your vibrato technique MUST sound good, otherwise your overall guitar playing will sound like crap.

Pros And Cons Of Acoustic And Electric Six String Guitar

Probably the most fashioned questions I receive from new six string guitar avid players is to answer the epic question once and for all, and come to a decision whether or not it is first-class to be taught on an electric six string guitar or acoustic six string guitar, and to begin with acoustic guitar classes or electric guitar classes. To begin with, the second a section of the query is incorrect.

My Opinion On Both Sides Of The Story For A Six String Guitar Starter

Solicit yourself the kind of music you fancy, from that point you will have the capacity to choose what kind of six string guitar is used often in that classification. On the off chance that you like metal or rock, you certainly ought to obtain an electric.

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