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How to Use The Pentatonic Scale Chart in Your Advantage!

Most guitar players usually start playing guitar after seeing a great guitar player soloing. As consequence we all want to start making awesome solos after we get passed the beginning stage of learning. That basic beginning learning stage usually consists out of learning how to hold your hands, what are the guitar music theory fundamentals and starting to build strength in our fingers.

Learn Piano For You

Do you listen to the piano and think, I wish that was me? Then why isn’t it you? Everyone decides what they want to do in life and everyone is faced with the big hurdle: that is to start. This could be the new you.

Ten Tips for Memorizing Music

Do you memorize music by playing it over and over, hoping it will somehow stick in your brain after playing a song many times through? Sometimes this will work, especially if you’re playing a short piece. If you’ve ever experienced forgetting where you are at a lesson or recital, you might want to try these ideas to make memorizing easier for you.

Beginner’s Motivation on How to Play Acoustic Guitar

Learn how to play acoustic guitar and blues guitar by following these practical and easy steps. Learn how to play guitar now.

Beginners’ Motivation on How to Learn to Play Guitar

There’s no real shortcut to how to learn to play the guitar, but by keeping yourself focused on learning guitar, you’ll be able to play it masterfully in no time. Learn how to play guitar today.

Learn How To Play Guitar

Many people today cannot afford private lessons of course. The economic conditions of the world have led to the reduction of many of these services as a result. However, the use of the internet has opened many doors for people who are interested in a variety of different things to have the ability to achieve their goals.

Basic Principals Of Practising a Musical Instrument

This article is an attempt to explain the most successful methods of practicing the playing of a musical instrument. Practicing too much or for too long can have the opposite effect to the desired one of becoming a more accomplished musician. Practicing the playing of musical instrument requires several aspects to be considered.

How To Write Good Songs – Tips In Creating Music As A Guitarist

Are you a guitarist and want to know how to write good songs? As a guitarist and singer, it can be a little intimidating trying to come up with your very first tune. The process can be long and frustrating, but it can also be fun once you break through the creative wall and good songs start flowing out. A good song has two main ingredients, which are a great melody and awesome lyrics.

Guitar Guide: How to Play Electric Guitar for Beginners

Learning how to play electric guitar for beginners is easy. Learn how to play the guitar by following these simple and practical tips.

Learn How to Play Guitar Online for Free: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to play guitar online for free. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, there are lots of resources to teach you how to play more effectively.

Four Tips To Playing Scales

Playing scales is a good thing for developing technique. I am not saying that one should sit down at the piano and practice scales and exercises for hours to obtain results. If you look at these points, you will acquire a great technique in just a few weeks.

Steps to Learning How to Play Bass Guitar

By using the following methods, you will learn how to play bass guitar in no time. Jumpstart your guitar playing in the most efficient way now.

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