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What To Expect When You Decide To Learn To Play The Guitar

If you decided to learn to play the guitar, you should know what to expect. After over 13 years of playing experience I know what it takes to be good on the guitar. As a self-taught player I had to figure it out by myself. I struggled with the concepts in this article when I was starting out. Once I realized there is no way around them and started to follow them, I started to see the progress I so desperately wanted. Be smarter than I was and start applying them as soon as possible.

Guitar and Lessons: Guitar Strumming and Basic Playing Styles

It is very convenient nowadays for anyone interested in learning the guitar to consult the internet for guitar lessons and advice. You just need to type the topic that you’re looking for in search engines and you will be able to find lots of useful content and go about exploring them. The most important thing that a beginning guitar player should learn is the basics of strumming and guitar playing styles.

Sight Singing in Minor Keys

Have you mastered sight singing in major keys but are uncomfortable singing in minor. This little trick will allow you to use your existing skill set, and have success immediately.

Sweep Picking Exercises – How To Really Master Sweep Picking

Sweep picking exercises alone will not grant you incredible control over the fluidity of arpeggio playing. Instead, there are some key secrets that you should know before you even begin.

Beginner Piano Lessons: A Fascinating Glimpse

The way the pianist moves his fingers on the black and white keys of the piano, added with the sway of his upper body, makes the over-all performance. As the notes start to hit the drums of the ear, it makes you think that it is easy to strike those two opposite colored keys.

The Practicality of Using Guitar Tabs for Beginners

Strange but true, tablature is actually a very old form of recording musical scores. It was used as far back as the Renaissance for lute music.

Blues Chords Are the Fastest Way to Improve Your Playing – Get a Better Sound

If you are looking to diversify your sound it is normal to look to different styles of music. No one wants to play the same type of chords over and over again and more importantly no one wants to listen to the same chords over and over. One of the best ways to richen up your sound is by using the blues.

Play Acoustic Guitar – Easy Steps to Show You How

To start off, you should know that there’s a major difference between learning acoustic guitar song verses and just picking the guitar up and strumming out a couple of sounds. However, unfortunately that’s what the biggest amount of people do. At first they believe that learning acoustic guitar is as easy as picking the instrument up and getting it after a few tries.

How to Learn to Play Guitar: Getting Started

Here is some insight on getting off to a quick start. Be careful that you do not rush into anything. Careful consideration as to the way you start your study of the guitar will be the major determination as to the success of your study of the guitar.

Guitar Strumming – Stop Embarrassing Yourself: Get the Fastest Tricks to Improve Your Guitar Playing

What is one of the most important things you do when playing guitar? It is guitar strumming this is basically the corner stone of all your playing. This is also one of the most overlooked skills by guitar players.

Handling Your Microphone During the Vocal Performance

If you are the singer who needs to perform live, it is important thing for you to know the position where you need to place yourself and the microphone. It is also better for you to keep in your mind the distance to move away and find out before the performance starts. You also need to find out whether you can take the mic off from the stand or not.

How Important Are Guitars Chords?

In modern day pop songs, most people fail to see how important a contribution guitar chords are. The chords form the very base of the song, which allows the rest of the song to be built upon it.

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