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3 Punching Techniques for Home Recordists

The act of re-recording a section of a track is called “punching in” and “punching out”. In this particular operation the original take gets replaced with a new one. Punching could be considered the core of a multitrack recording session.

7 Tips for Music Practicing

Do you want to make your music practice more effective? These 7 tips for music practicing help you learn how to practice more effectively and get more done in less time.

Secrets to Easy Guitar Lessons

Yes! It is possible. Easy guitar lessons are easily accessible without having to spend a penny. In the article that follows you will learn four easy lessons to learn to play guitar.

Guitars for Beginners – Which Should They Buy?

Trying to decide which guitar to buy can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner. It all really depends on what type and style of music you want to produce, as well as your budget.

The Best Way To Learn Guitar Is The Way That Makes You The Most Comfortable

One of the most asked and yet trickiest questions to answer for many beginner guitar players when they are first starting out is: what is the acceptable standard, or “best way” to learn how to play guitar? Of course the answer is there is no one single right way to learn how to play guitar and it all depends on the guitarist.

Learning to Play Guitar Fast – Top 5 Tips on Achieving It With Low Budget!

You have always wanted to learn to play the guitar. It might be to impress the girls, or you have strong passion towards music or you just want to have a hobby that you can do it alone whenever you are bored! However due to busy schedule and tight commitment, you gave up this dream of yours. You feel that you do not have time to learn to play the guitar or it is expensive to pay for guitar lessons / mentors.

Learn How to Play Piano Successfully

Learn how to play piano can be very challenging if you have wrong approach. What do you need to know even before reading the music notes or touching the piano?

Play The Guitar: Finding Easy Guitar Lessons

Did you know that you can take easy guitar lessons without the expense of a personal teacher? Yes! It’s possible. That is exactly how I learned to play the guitar. It all started with a great desire and commitment to practice on a regular basis.

Learning To Play The Drums – Five Tips For Relaxation And Focus

Many people do not necessarily follow a routine or form with their practicing, and often time spent practicing is wasted due to lack of focus. This article will suggest some some slightly different approaches to starting your practice session which may help to improve retention.

Playing Scales On Violin

Learning scales on violin is a basic foundational exercise that when practiced, makes playing and learning that much easier. As you’re learning scales, you will also be learning how to draw the bow across the strings and the tempo of playing each note. you will be teaching your fingers their proper position on the fingerboard and building strength in the muscles of the hands and fingers. Scales are a basic foundational lesson on almost any instrument and it’s no different for the violin. Learning scales will undoubtedly make you a better violinist.

Are You Interested In Learning To Fiddle?

So you’re serious about wanting to learn to fiddle? We’ve covered some of the differences in violins and fiddles in a previous article and we’ve talked about tuning and the different kinds of strings. We’ve even touched on the subject of “where do I put my fingers since there aren’t any frets on this thing.” We’ll talk in this article about the actual playing of the fiddle. How to hold it, how to hold the bow, how to make the best sound.

Want To Learn The Fiddle?

If you want to learn the fiddle, you’ll need to commit some time and effort yourself and enlist the help of a good teacher or online course. A fiddle is exactly the same as a violin, the distinction is usually only in the type of music played but there are some nuances that separate the violin and fiddle.

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