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Must Have’s for Rap Beats

In this article I discuss a couple of different tools that I use to make beats. These are a couple of the most recent additions to my arsenal of plug ins that I use on a daily basis. I have found the following to be very useful.

Tips For Writing Lyrics, Part 1

Here are some tips and techniques for writing lyrics. I’ll be posting more later but these should help shift some of that writer’s block you may be experiencing! These techniques will deal with how important it is to get a clear starting point in your writing.

Great Acoustic Guitars – Here Are Some of the Best

Do you play the acoustic guitar? If you are new to playing the acoustic guitar then you might also be new at choosing which brands are the best. After all, there are 100s of brands of acoustic guitars to choose from.

“The Easy Button” On How To Make A Beat On The Computer

Your computer can do some amazing stuff with the help of today’s music software, but your possibilities will be severely limited if the recordings you input are of a poor quality. Get a dam good microphone for you input sounds.

Learn To Play Piano Online – Steps To Help You Get Started

For many years, the internet has provided so much help for people who need access to information, ideas, or just plain fun. Now they have enabled people like us to learn skills that we never thought we could because of work, not enough time, or just the lack of ability to do it. Thanks to the internet, we can learn how to play piano online (one of the best instruments out there).

3 Easy Steps To Make Your Beats Sound Professional

If you want to know how to make your beats sound professional, you have to consider a few things first. You could be spending a lot of time getting frustrated if you’re not getting that certain sound. Not to worry, help is right around the corner.

Have You Ever Wondered What Your Kick Drum Sample Was Missing?

Your kick drum sample is missing something. Do you know what it is? It’s missing a certain quality that seems to be present on everybody else’s tracks. Not to worry, all beat makers eventually go through this problem.

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Make Your Own Beats

So you want to make your own beats? I’m sure you have heard songs on the radio and said to your self – “hey, I can do a track that sounds 100 times better than that.” The truth is you probably can, if you avoid these common mistakes.

Learn Diminished Scales and Diminished Sweep Picking Techniques

It is crucial as you learn the guitar scales to be aware of the modes of the major scale. A nice start is of the Ionian mode that is also known as the major scale. This serves to be a popular one in different kinds of music ranging from jazz to rock and various others.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Second Hand Guitar

In this article, you will learn what to look for when buying a second hand guitar. You will not only learn what you need to do before you set foot in the music store, but you will also learn what to do when at the music store.

Online Piano Lessons – 2 Different Options To Learn From Home

Whether you want to take online piano lessons as a hobby or you have a serious passion to learn, you now have many more chances to learn to play beyond the old school lessons with a teacher. This article will talk about two different options available to you so that you can learn to play the piano from home on your own time. The first option for online piano lessons are some online programs and classes that you can instantly download to your computer.

Finger Independence On Guitar – 3 Tips To Help You Achieve It

When it comes to having total finger independence on guitar, many have no clue how to achieve it. I remember being so frustrated many years ago of not having total control over the movements of my fingers. I did not have the freedom of being able to play, what I wanted to play. After many years of constant practicing, I finally achieved total finger independence. The three tips, that I am about to tell you, will help you achieve it also.

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