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Make Your Very Own Guitar Wall Mounts

This article will get your started making your very own guitar wall mounts. You will save money and have fun with this project. Your end result will be a great looking place to safely keep your guitars.

Online Tutorials for the Beginner Guitar Player

For anyone starting out and wanting to learn how to play the guitar should know that there are many resources available to help you learn. There are books full of information and guides to help you learn. With the internet you can find online lessons and tutorials for learning if you don’t have the time for old fashioned lessons.

Are You Able To Sing Or Not?

The article is everything about the the things you should know if you are capable of singing and want to have a good singing voice. There are ways that can help you to develop your voice to have a better one.

Play Piano Today – A Simplified Approach

Playing piano is a wonderful skill to learn. Imagine being able to sit down at any piano and being able to play a few of your favorite songs. Perhaps you took lessons in the past, only to find them too difficult and confusing. The good news is that there is a much easier way to learn, and you can start doing it today.

Tips To Learn Guitar Fast – Complete Supremacy

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not progressing at your fastest possible rate? Do you ever feel overwhelmed? To put it bluntly – you must set goals!

Play Better Piano With These Simple Habits

A lot of people want to learn how to play the piano. However, if you want to sound great, learn fast and look like a pro, then you need to start with these simple habits.

Writing Chord Progressions For Melodies – A Quick And Easy Process

Many musicians have no clue how to write chord progressions to existing melodies. I had this issue in my early days of playing but after studying some basic music theory, it became second nature. I will show you a very simple process that you can learn in minutes and start writing dozens of chord progressions to your melodies.

How to Learn Guitar Chords – A Brief Lesson for You

One of the important steps to mastering guitar is to understand the guitar chords. For beginner, you have to know how to learn guitar chords, as these are the basic fundamentals. It does not matter if you play acoustic guitar or electric guitar, rock, folk, jazz or classic, you need to have a thorough understanding about chords.

Mastering Your First Three Guitar Chords

Guitar chords are the quickest way to get a nice full sound on your guitar. Guitar chords also become the foundation upon which you can build as you move on to more advance guitar techniques. This brief tutorial will introduce you to three of the easiest and most basic guitar chords.

How to Produce Hot Rap Beats

When you look on Timbaland, Kanye West or Dr.Dre, you probably think: “how can they produce such fresh beats all the time?”. And it’s true, every beat they make has the potential to become a hit. Well, it’s really not that hard to make it happen. Everyone can do this with a certain amount of experience. See, the thing is, everyone of these guys has his own style and working structures. It didn’t come over night, of course. This is a result of hard work and experience. Not to forget the passion they have when it comes to making music. The truth is, there are many good producers out there who are as talented as the big guys in the business, but the difference is that the famous producers have built a reputation for themselves.

Online Guitar Lessons – Learn How To Play Lead Guitar Effectively

Creating your own leads is obviously a skill all guitarists aspire to do.ย  It is one of the latter things that is usually taught during my online guitar classes.ย  If you are a beginner, the question is usually asked what type of music you listen to.

The Things That Guitar Jam Tracks Can Give A Musician

Being a guitarist, I’m confident that you recognize that to really get awesome at any instrument, you have got to be able to commit energy learning patterns and exercises. Now I’m positive that you have likewise noticed that it is uninspiring to do exercises many times. Like most of us, you most likely think it’s tough to come up with enough time to be able to use your instrument for as long as you would like.

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