? How To Play “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” by The Smashing Pumpkins on Guitar – Overview – TrueFire

One Good Tip When Deciding To Audition For A Vocal Reality Show: Vocal Coaching or Training

You need to be realistic with your vocal talents. Have you had vocal coaching or lessons? The aforementioned aren’t a prerequisite; however, these tactics can be beneficial to a career.

The Anatomy of Learning How to Sing Better

Want to improve your voice? Learn how to sing better with these simple tips and techniques to a better voice!!

Tips to Singing Better – 3 Critical Exercises for a Better Voice

If you’re a vocalist learning to improve your voice, these three tips will help increase your vocal range and help you to find your perfect voice. Sing out!

Guitar Effects for Beginners – A Guide to Stomp Boxes and Multi-FX (Part 2)

In the last article I looked at the main types of effects you’ll encounter for your guitar. Here I’ll deal with the physical form these typically come in and I’ll also, based on my personal experiences, recommend a few to get you started. Since as a beginner you’re likely to be budget conscious, I’ll focus on ones that won’t break the bank.

One Good Tip When Deciding To Audition For A Vocal Reality Show: Choose The Right Song and Key

Make sure to choose a song that you sing well and then opt for two additional songs in a similar genre and key that are similar and study those as well. If you don’t know what key a song is in, then take it to a trusted vocal teacher and have them figure it out for you.

Music Exams: Preparing for Success

Music is good for the development of many talents seemingly unrelated to music. It is also good fun and can potentially open up career opportunities. Music exams encourage children (and adults) to strive a bit harder, take their music to a higher level and then receive an enormous confidence boost and sense of achievement from their lessons. With careful attention to details like those presented here, great results can be achieved.

Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: How to Find Your Voice – 3 Tips

Many singers struggle to find their own singing voice. They may be able to sing along with the radio but find themselves unable to support their voice without an additional recorded track to play along. These singers will lack power, range and be unable to convey messages with their singing until they receive classical vocal training, develop good listening and performance sills. Classical training teaches the mechanics of singing. Listening skills, or ear training teaches how to listen music critically and performance skills teach how to convey a message. A singer has these three attributes will find their own voice.

Choose the Right Song for Your Voice

Singers always wish to know how to choose the right songs for their voice. Each voice is unique, and its impossible to each voice to sound exactly like the artist who’s song they may be singing, no matter how similar they may sound. Often times, a singer will choose an exciting song they love that is near impossible to them to sing or an outdated, boring song they have no connection with because its easy to sing in front of others. With so much to choose from, a singer may be left wondering how they can choose the right songs for their voice. Here are two tips:

Does a Good Guitar Make You a Better Player?

If you’re just starting out with playing the guitar then this article is aimed at you. You will have many questions about which level of guitar you should choice to learn with. This article should clear a few of these queries up for you.

What Makes a Good Guitarist Great?

Every so often a great guitarist comes along. There are lots of good guitar players out there but it takes something special to become a great musician. This article examines the reasons why.

The Basic Concepts of The All Famous Step Sequencer

step sequencing is a very prevalent method of recording midi data in today’s music industry. Are you a pro step sequencer or are you just pressing buttons? Learn the basic principals of step sequencing here.

Learn to Sing Like a Pro

It’s truly amazing how much better you can sing than you do right now. All it takes is some inexpensive professional training which you can obtain online. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a professional vocalist, perhaps your time has come!

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