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Want to Learn Lead Guitar and Think Scales Are Unimportant? Think Again

If you are dying to learn how to play lead guitar but think scales are worthless, you have come to the right article. In a nutshell, scales are the alphabet of music theory and every professional musician understands this. It’s the people who haven’t had professional instruction that believe scales are useless and make their solos sound boring.

Easy Chord Songs – How To Play Like A Pro

Would you like to learn to play guitar but aren’t really sure where to begin? Of course you could arrange to have lessons with a local music teacher. However, the problem with doing this is that you will probably be required to attend lessons regularly when you are busy and have to pay more than you wanted to. The only other way of managing this is to take a home study course.

Learn to DJ

Learn to DJ for yourself and not anyone else. If you want to learn to DJ there are several factors to take into consideration. Are you cut out to be a DJ? Do you want the lifestyle of late nights, sleeping till noon and traveling around the country non-stop? When learning to DJ there are pluses too of course. Some of these include women, the chance to see new places and all of the other rockstar style attributes that come with being known as a DJ.

A Few Tips On Learning The Names Of Acoustic Guitar And Electric Guitar Strings

One of the fundamental parts of guitar instruction and therefore to help progression in learning this wonderful instrument is to know the notes you are playing. To be able to get around the fretboard will open up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities, but lets face it you have to start somewhere. When I was learning the guitar I needed something to help me remember the strings and frankly big string, not quite as big string etc, wasn’t really going to help me.

4 Major Steps To Become A Singer

There are many steps to become a singer. In this article I recount four of the most important ones.

Get the Best Online Guitar Learning Course

Music is always special to people. Music has a magic which can help a person forget all the troubles of life.

Tutoring Tips – Teaching Flute to Children

Children are wonderful candidates for learning to play the flute. A good start with the right flute will help assure their success!

Piano Learning Software – Can It Replace the Traditional Piano Teacher?

For many years piano lessons have been taught by professional piano teachers who, often in their retirement, pass on their knowledge to the next generation. These lessons can be taken either at your home or the home of the tutor at a regular, pre-arranged time and day – usually once a week. But now, due to the arrival of the computer and piano learning software, we are no longer tied to the schedule of others and can opt to learnto play the piano at a time that suits us and also at a speed that suits us.

3 Easy Points You Must Know To Use Your Make A Beat Program

Before you dabble with a make a beat program, you have to know the three most essential terms that are used in the recording industry: sample, sampling, and sampler. These are the basics that you should learn and understand as you go on your journey when using your make a beat program.

Violin Lessons Online – Why You Should Give Them a Look

There are a few different ways to learn violin, but online violin lessons offer an unique set of benefits over the competition. Discover what you stand to gain when you choose to learn violin this way.

How To Get Better At Drums In Less Than 10 Minutes

There you are on stage. The lights are so bright, the fans are cheering and you are sweating from your 2 hour show. The rest of the band stops playing and it is your time to play the drum solo of your life… but you don’t know how to play.

Why Purchase a Good Quality Drum Set For a Beginner?

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” rings true in the world of drum sets too. As with most large purchases, multiple factors should be considered: Sound quality, resale value, and durability are just a few.

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