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The Self Taught Guitarist: Transitioning and Learning Songs

Today, when most people talk of being self taught, it rarely ever refers to someone who just picks up a guitar and is able to figure it all out on their own. At least when I speak of self taught it refers to someone who is learning to play the guitar without an instructor. Instead they use instruction manuals, the internet and possibly videos to help them to learn. It’s self teaching because no one is showing them how to use all that information.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons – The Right Way to Pluck

The most appropriate technique for an acoustic guitar is plucking or picking. Learn how to pluck or pick an acoustic guitar in faster and easier way by knowing the right guitar positioning and the right finger positioning on the strings.

So You Want to Play the Bagpipes? An Introduction to Piping

When I started playing the pipes I was 15 years old. I remember how big of a world it felt like I was entering, and how daunting of a task it seemed I had in front of me. In this article I would like to give some very beginning pointers to those who are considering entering the piping world; what to look for, what to avoid, and some practicing tips that would have really helped me in my beginning.

5 Tips to Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level – The Best Way To Practice Guitar

I have seen a lot of people grab a guitar, but very few take it seriously, meaning that just some of them actually achieve success with it. What I mean is that many stop learning after learning a thing or two because they don´t find the best way to practice guitar, and do not see the endless possibilities of continue learning. The thing is that to improve like a professional it is important to think outside the box, to have an outsider’s perspective to realize what you are doing well and in what areas you could make an improvement.

How To Develop Into An Amazing Guitar Player

It’s my hope that by giving you this information you will have the ability to transform your playing very quickly. Firstly you have to simply believe in yourself and start to see yourself performing at the level you really yearn to attain, immerse yourself in getting to know new abilities, improve on your song composing, theory and improvising know how at every opportunity. You have to believe in yourself absolutely, for those who don’t then your chances of success are significantly less.

Easy Guitar Tuning

Many ways tuning guitar to international standard tuning. After reading this passage, one can easily tune guitar. String by string explanation enable a beginner to understand it without any difficulty. Standard tuning reference provide here as well.

Selmer S80 – The Step-Up Mouthpiece

Many instructors will recommend the Selmer S80 mouthpiece to students that have been playing for a little while on the usually cheap mouthpiece that came with their sax when they bought or rented it. These are usually very cheap plastic ones and a beginner will outgrow them quickly.

How to Care for Your Djembe Drum

You put thought and effort into finding the right djembe for your needs. Now that you have it, there are several things you can do to protect your investment and keep your djembe looking and sounding like new. This article guides you through the care and maintenance you should carry out on your djembe drum.

Taking Piano Lessons For Adults

Many adults can easily play the piano well enough to rattle away a tune of some type without having taken piano lessons, regardless if the particular song is merely some TV theme or maybe a couple of bars of an old classic song. In addition, to be able to play a musical instrument effectively is something every one of us wishes we were actually able to do, though for some reason or another, many of us never follow through with this aspiration.

Guitar Picks

Guitar picks are great little bits of equipment that help you to pluck your guitar strings. Unless you’re playing finger-style you’ll need to pick, so why not buy one online? This article describes different techniques at using guitar picks and where you can purchase them.

How to Build a Fretless Bass

Frankly I can’t think of an easier and more enjoyable project than building a fretless bass, and trust me when I tell you, it’s easier than you think! With a little patience and attention to detail you can have a top of the line instrument for half the shelf price! If there is one thing I have learned over the years about building my own fretless basses is that once you take the responsibility of making your own axe, you become a master of your own sound.

Three Simple Tools For Starting to Play Guitar

There are moments in life when we wish we had someone stopping us from making that mistake that made us waste our time badly, and starting to play guitar can be a little bit tricky if we do not overcome those demons that whisper into our ears that to learn to play guitar is not for you, that you should continue playing guitar hero and having fun that way. I remember when I began my journey as a musician almost thirteen years ago.

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